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Symptom Ideas for a Plague - necrolianplague - 14-11-2016 09:46 PM

Firstly, I am new here so hello

Putting that aside, the reason I'm not keeping this to myself as I am preventing myself spending in any App game (including Plague Inc), and as scenarios cost in Ios, I cannot buy to unlock them.

Here is my idea (it's for Necroa virus/zombie theme scenarios but some can be other types)

Epidermal Combustion: Infected hosts' skin starts to ignite while infrequently bursting out infected tissue. Increases infectivity, but the host will start to decay.

Visions: Hosts start to encounter familiar voices in their head, which encourages the host to stop resisting and start to embrace the plague.

Pulse Detection: Hosts can now detect pulse rate from healthy humans, making it more easier to find prey.

Pulse Detection II: Hosts can now detect whether the prey is deceased, and will proceed on to find other prey. Preserves integrity of prey and increases chance of victims reanimating.

Clothing: Hosts start to wear clothes of human prey, lowering detection. Reduces cure research speed, and increasing infectivity.

Corrosive Saliva: Infected now spit acidic saliva which is able to penetrate thin metallic structures, increasing infectivity and lethality

Vehicles: Hosts can recall how to operate vehicles, however operates it very clumsily. Severely increases infectivity while reducing detection

Organ enlargement: Organs are now engorged, increasing the functionality of hosts who can move more efficiently, and are now stronger.

Vocal Degradation: Hosts speak basic language, unable to speak complex vocabulary. Reduces infectivity

Vocal Degradation II: Hosts are now unable to speak basic vocabulary. Reduces infectivity

Horde Organization: Hosts are able to communicate each other, planning attacks and working together to assault and consume humans. Significantly increases the integrity of hosts