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French translation mistake - Darkigb74 - 16-02-2017 11:07 AM

Hi dear team,

There is an error in the French translation of the game in the "capacités" menu of the virus.

The cold and warm resistance description is wrong and can easily be misunderstood. Here is the correct translation :

Résistance - Froid : INFORMATIONS
// L'agent pathogène évolue pour résister aux basses températures et aux climats froids

Résistance - Chaud : INFORMATIONS
// L'agent pathogène évolue pour résister aux fortes températures et aux climats chauds

Thank you
Best regards,

RE: French translation mistake - pluckpbf1 - 04-06-2017 11:23 AM


Another translation error is about the "window" opening and announcing the community translated the game in french. The button "close" is translated "fermé" which is the past particle, like "closed". The good word would be "fermer" instead Smile