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Restore in-app products cross-OS - Para0234 - 02-04-2017 09:27 PM


I already sent a ticket to the support, but I prefer to ask the community.

I've started playing lague INC on my phone nearly a year ago. At this time, I had a Windows Phone.

However, Plague INC wasn't free on Windows Phone at this time (I'm still not sure by now, as I bought it already).

However, in the meantime, my phone got the really bright idea to watch some stairs. From a very close point of view.

Now that he's dead, I've bought an Android phone. But today, I wanted to redownload the game, and I wondered if there was a way to restore my in-app products (including the full game and the cheats).

I've got the bills sent by microsoft on my screen right now, and I wondered if contacting the support was a good idea.

thanks in advance for your answers.

RE: Restore in-app products cross-OS - R4G3eternal - 16-04-2017 12:39 AM

Im just another player/user, but if it's anything like the other mobile platforms(android/iOS), since they are completely different marketplaces, restoring purchases is at the discretion of Google and Apple. Unless you could prove to those merchant services that you had purchased through their respective marketplaces, they wont usually reimburse you for funds they never received.

All that said, if Ndemic Creations wanted to reimburse you the full cost of the game, so that you could personally purchase the game separately on android, etc, then that's a different story altogether.

I wish you luck.