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Necroa Virus Scenario - Boredomf3fd - 25-05-2017 04:07 PM

Okay. I've been working on a scenario specifically for the necrosis virus. Essentially, I've been making it so that you're stuck with zombies from the beginning, and you have to work your way around it. However, I have run into a few problems.

1-I'm not a very good player, nor do I have the patience to playtest my scenario all the way through. If I could get even 1-2 people to play it and report back, it would be a huge help.
2-One of my symtoms allows zombies to open port and things of that nature. My problem is, i can't quite get it right. I'm trying to go through the government actions lab (which is probably my first mistake), because the events are a bit beyond my understanding for the moment. If I could get advice on how to do that, it would be really helpful.
3-I want to do more with this (if I can), but I'm out of ideas (and humor). What would you guys like to

For all those who want to play it, PM me, so we can get it to you. Please give me feedback.