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Activate Transmission Methods - snaf476 - 08-07-2017 07:37 PM

Hey folks. I'm having an issue with my scenario's transmission methods. I've removed the defaults because they didn't jibe with my scenario and created my own. However, I'm unable to use them in the game/test and I'm unable to activate them or enable "This is a starting trait."

Any hints to help get these to show up would be appreciated.

Here's a link to a couple of images showing the issue (the forum kept saying my image was too large): http://imgur.com/a/6ysoX

RE: Activate Transmission Methods - vansdoc38 - 28-09-2017 04:13 AM

i'm by no means an expert but perhaps i can help. i had a similar problem while i was creating my ( See--The GrandMaster, vs 1.) scenario.

if you're trying to create a branch, did you make sure every trait is on ?
if you did use it, did you work backwards with the traits of that branch;
[ example: ( police III -> police II -> police I ) ]. the result ( police I ) would be the first trait to become available followed by the second etc. the most important thing however, is making sure each trait is "on".
to link it to another tree, you have to go to 'trait dependency' and type the other chosen tree's [say: ( criminal I ) of that trait) on the top window; than when ( police III ) is chosen, the new tree i.e. ( criminal I ) becomes available.

unless i totally misunderstood your problem, this is how all of your traits will show up. if one or more still do not, double check that you turned all traits on.