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publish update for [ See--The GrandMaster ] - vansdogs - 21-09-2017 07:14 PM

Since i published the original [ See--The GrandMaster ], I've updated it.
In the updated version [ See--The GrandMaster1.1 ], there was now several new branches in "Transmissions". I also corrected: spelling and punctuation, new traits for the branches with their appropriate icons, and also made some changes in ( Infectivity, Severity, and Lethality ).

Due to a minor bug discovered while testing specific trait choices, I corrected it, and it is now published as version3
[ See--the GrandMaster1.1.1 ].

I still have continued to use only uploaded icons from my photos library.
please give [ See--The GrandMaster ] a try and a thumbs up.
I know all who play this scenario will not be disappointed.


RE: publish update for [ See--The GrandMaster ] - vansdogs - 17-10-2017 07:59 PM

New: updated scenario--- [ See--The GrandMaster 1.2.3 ]--Where "Transmissions" consist of dictators, Interrogation and Internment. Where "Symptoms consist of pollution, plague and rampant drug addiction. Where "Abilities" consist of pharmaceutical companies who are using humans as test subjects, brain washing institutions and secret labs supplying various industries with untested products to the highest bidders.

Please--I'd like a simple response to this particular scenario as well as [ See--The GrandMaster 1.2.2 ]
some one some where must have a thought on these scenarios.


RE: publish update for [ See--The GrandMaster ] - vansdogs - 18-10-2017 02:26 PM

(18-10-2017 09:18 AM)MariaHarmon Wrote:  Ohhhh that is so interesting)

go to custom scenarios, and play [ See--The GrandMaster 1.2.2 ].
currently, as of yesterday ( 17-10-17 ) i have had difficulty publishing version [ 1.2.3 ]. apparently, connection has failed. i sent an e-mail to Ndemic with this issue (since there was no problem when [ version 1.2.2 ] was published), and they have provided some suggestions to correct it.

October 20,2017
Well--it's finally accomplished.
I've finally finished the scenario [ 1.2.3 ] and published it.
There is no intention to make any more adjustments.
Please check it out and give it a thumbs-up.