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New scenarios - Rubu3f8 - 25-12-2017 09:33 AM

New scenarios

the goal is to create a super-soldier (in the chosen country) and defeat the super-soldier AI (created in a random country)
--3 directions of development
The player creates a super-soldier with the help of:
1) Nanorobots
2) Viruses and gene engineering
3) Nanorobots and gene engineering

--Super-soldier AI
AI also creates its own super-soldier (for example, using mutations and chemistry)

------------------------other scenarios:----------------------
1) the idea is based on the film Waterworld
... Global warming, the ocean level rises, the surface goes under water
the player's goal is to evolve (adapt) to life in the water
2) the idea is based on the film Evolution
... dropped methiorite, the player acts as a virus from methiorite
the player's goal is to evolve (adapt) to life on earth
3) The idea is based on the movie War of the Worlds
... UFO attacked the ground
the player's goal is to defeat the aliens before the destruction of humanity

RE: New scenarios - Milena415 - 25-09-2018 01:39 AM

I know Plague is so nice because we all can be nasty and destroy mankind...but is it possible to create a positive scenario? I mean defend your country from disease? Like you can watch the world map, send scientists/doctors to the infected countries, and they can learn. As the pleayer you're gaining points from them to spend on health in your country like hygiene advertising campaigns in media, vaccine production... such stuff. I love to be nasty mad scientist , but sometimes I would like to be at other side ? Smile