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Plague Inc. (ANDROID MOBILE VERSION - Bugs + Fixes - the "iti05d - 06-03-2014 12:12 AM

Hey Guys!

So I've noticed a couple minor spelling/grammar/continuity type things in the mobile (Android) version that I thought the devs may want to address in the next update.

In the "Drug Immunity" description, you have infectivity spelled with a V in place of the F.


In the "Diorrhoea" description, the last sentence reads: "Poor countries v. vulnerable" Pretty sure that's not quite what you were going for.


Also, none of the descriptions for any of the mutations end with a period, with the exceptions (that I've noticed anyways) of "Extreme Bioaerosol" and "Pulmonary Fibrosis"



RE: Plague Inc. (MOBILE VERSION 1.7) - Bugs + Fixes - GoldenAf6d - 06-03-2014 01:49 AM

One bug I discovered is when you start a game with one language then save, change language, then return to game (something a few people might do) it is a mixture of both.[Image: Screenshot_2014-02-25-15-42-21_zps1dd51d73.png]

RE: Plague Inc. (ANDROID MOBILE VERSION - Bugs + Fixes - the "iti05d - 07-03-2014 01:17 AM

I have also experienced twice now, an entire page of mutations becoming frozen somehow and not selectable. Tapping on the icons does not bring up descriptions, and I was forced to restart the game. In both instances, I let the number of DNA points accumulate to 30 - 40 and I still could not select even low level mutations from the affected page, while the other two pages and rest of the game seemed unaffected.

Best I can remember, one of the times the (Abilities) page froze after I had activated a few mutations from it. But the other time, an entire (Transmission) page was frozen right from the get go before I had a chance to use any of the mutations. I know it happened to 2 different pages, just not 100% sure it was Abilities and Transmission, but I think so.

Both occurring on my LG/Google Nexus 4 running up to date kitkat. If It happens again, I'll be sure to get a video of it.