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sandbox scenario - vansdoc38 - 15-04-2018 12:16 AM

This scenario was initially never ment to be one. It was actually ment to be a sandbox of ideas, efforts and experiments using “Plague inc”s special capabilities. Several were stumbled upon while experimenting, and many of those within this scenario have been used. Perhaps you can identify them. The end result, was a scenario featuring world crime ( go figure Huh ). This is an easy scenario; but than again, getting more than one star is not quite as easy.

The nature of this scenario is represented briefly below.

Crime has existed for tens of thousands of years, but never has it provided such an opportunity to flourish like now.
This scenario finally gives you the opportunity to guide the progress of crime and overwhelm every country on earth. Are you able to direct this world of crime, subjecting all of humanity under your thumb?

currently it has not yet been published as a custom scenario because i’m finalizing and editing it at present (a rather difficult process as some of you may be aware).
although i am very comfortable with my results, i don’t want to disappoint any of you who are willing to play it.

if there are any questions about this thread, please make a comment on it.
this scenario should be published as a custom scenario soon.

for those who might be interested; i’ve played through this scenario on “test”, and it required approximately 9 times for me to win (one star).

editing this scenario has been irritatingly slow Sad
recently my creative abilities to finish up the few trait description that i have left, has kept me from publishing it as a custom scenario.
so—i am still hopeful that within the week it will finally be complete.

i’ve noticed that little by little, this thread has been followed; and this alone gives me encouragement to complete the scenario quickly. bear with me.


2-5-18 (1:15 USA cst)
Thank heavens!!!
I’ve finally completed ( The Sandbox )
However, note that the scenario author is “orcquest” not “vansdogs”
It will show up under “new scenarios” as [ The Sandbox ]
It’s now available to download and play Big Grin

To boost my morale please give me a thumbs up.
It would really be nice to hear from you as well :-)
You are welcome to comment via ( vanandlinda9@gmail.com )

I see that there has been a couple of additional views :-)
that’s encouraging!