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new official scenario’s release - vansdogs - 01-06-2018 03:07 PM

As all of you know, two new official scenarios were released a couple of days ago.
I downloaded both of them on 30-5-18 and immediately played them. I always play scenarios that I’ve never played before in “casual”.
I played [Science Denial] in “casual” mode and actually got a gold star!
[Ultimate Board Games] was not at all as easy. I did get a silver star on “casual”; but nothing on “normal”.
I always choose the United States as the starting country because, if you can win using it as the starting point, it usually provides a baseline that I can use in determining how hard or how easy other countries will be.
It’s ironic that I did amazingly well on “Normal”! I can’t even imagine successful getting world wide coverage, when I only covered the US and Greenland, and portions of several other countries (most coverage was Norway and Sweden).
Below I’ve listed what happened:

“Infecting tabletops”
“Party hard”
“Catan you believe it”
“Spelling out success”
741 days
245347049 games

I don’t doubt that there’s a lot of you that will blow me away, and it would sure be great if your results were posted in this thread.

A couple of things that I observed was that you can’t modify “Genetic Code”
and you can’t “devolve” any of the traits.