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Suggestion for Multiplayer - amberteresa - 17-07-2018 07:44 AM

I've been trying to think of ways of how the multiplayer component could work that would be fun for both sides and I think I have a couple of suggestions that might work.

1. For the human side, how about having money as their resource. Make the human players part of a 'world organization', like WHO, with finite monetary resources which they can allocate to different parts of the world where they think the virus might be hitting.

2. Make a minigame wherein the human player has to match DNA samples of various plagues and such to samples submitted by doctors from around the world. Could also just automate this, but by making it a game, it would increase player participation as well as give a sense of accomplishment if they are able to identify it early. Perhaps make it to where more money allocated to the country would give less 'false' submissions.

3. Give the human players control over being able to restrict travel and such, but give them severe penalties for doing so, such as lowered income for the cure, increased chance of social unrest, etc., so that they won't do so until they have to.
I enjoy the game immensely and am looking forward to seeing what the multiplayer aspect will be like. These are just suggestions and hopefully they engender some ideas. Thanks!