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My experience of Plague Inc Evolved (Warning: Mild rambling) - KingS7ayer - 07-03-2014 08:41 PM

What I expected of Plague inc Evolved wasn't what I got. I got a lot more.

I expected to get a game I could waste 10 mins on when I was bored. Something simple and easy. Oh boy was I wrong. Instead after installing it I spent 10 hours solid on the game unlocking all but the 3 plagues for completing everything on brutal. I got everything on the normal difficulty cleared along with 2 of them cleared on brutal.

Time and time again I laughed at the news feed and used it to my advantage. I loved the fact that my plague stopped the Olympics. Or how his occurred during a fun run with a silly name. Click for image
Every time humanity survived I came back with a new idea and a new plan to win which changed from plague to plague and between difficulties. I loved how each plague played differently. They has similarities but they were always different. Then on top of that I had the Genetic Code to give me the edge in game.

With all this I could plan ahead for what I wanted allowing for Increased infectivity in arid regions or even more mutation. maybe I planned to spread fast and needed more DNA from biohazard bubbles. Or maybe I just wanted to go crazy and mutate fast and bring swift destruction and free symptoms.

The game just felt so real. If I made people cough and vomit then they would projectile vomit. If I started killing people or hindered their every day they would try to stop me with all their might. Less people less research. Hell countries would begin blowing up their own cities to stop me. One time as the nuerax worm they actually erased me from Iceland by blowing up a city. naturally that didn't stop me. but it amazed me that they went to such extreme measures to stop me. In another game I was so stealthy that i wasn't until riots broke out about a "mysterious disease" that I was noticed.

To sum up my 10 hour montage from 6:30 am-4:30pm on the 5th of march I'd like to share my opinion of the game. Its god damn amazing. its fun, its realistic and its probably my best spend of money in a long time.

If I could make one request it would just be an undo button in the plague evolution screen. here and there i've evolved the wrong thing and lost a lot of DNA because of it. apart from that tiny thing. the game is already perfect.

This is just my way of saying keep it up and well done.

RE: My experience of Plague Inc Evolved (Warning: Mild rambling) - PAX-12 - 07-03-2014 09:12 PM

Hehe, nice one, I expected some sort of rant first Big Grin
Regarding that President taken ill thing... next time be sure to unlock INSANITY when that happens, you might like what happens next... Hell knows I did! Wink

All hail Sarah Palin! Duh I mean President... 'Spalin'! (Yeah NDEMIC, I see what you did there! Big Grin)

RE: My experience of Plague Inc Evolved (Warning: Mild rambling) - Poigratwerv - 22-07-2014 03:21 PM

This posts is very informative. Thank you!