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Hotfix 0.6.1 released - NdemicTea7 - 10-03-2014 06:13 PM

Hotfix 0.6.1 fixes an exploit that a few naughty people were using in Speed Runs and also fixes a save bug impacting DNA points. Thanks everyone who helped us track these issues down.

Full Change Log 0.6.1:
  • Fixed - Speed Run mode now uses correct custom difficulty setting (based on normal but with some tweaks)
  • Fixed - Biohazard scores. Sometimes these were not being displayed correctly.
  • Fixed - Save Bug. Bug where sometimes DNA points were lost on re-load.
  • Tweak - added devolve cap. Exploit on DNA points fixed so can't devolve for more than cost of evolve.
  • Added - Save Delete Confirmation. Game now asks you to confimr before deleting a save.

Due to the exploit with evolving and devolving cheap symptoms/abilities we have also wiped the Speed Run leaderboards. I know this is annoying but it needed to be done

As mentioned, James is heading off to the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this week. Bad news is that this will mean the next Evolution will be a bit slower. (release the week of the 24th of March) Good news is that it will add the much requested Necroa Virus (inc. zombies)!

Change log for previous update can be found here: Evolution 3