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What if a disease infected SCP Foundation? - Death Stalker - 14-03-2014 05:07 AM

This is going to be so creepy...

RE: What if a disease infected SCP Foundation? - YellowLion - 14-03-2014 01:42 PM

SCP-008 and SCP-217

RE: What if a disease infected SCP Foundation? - tau1996 - 14-03-2014 02:05 PM

so Necroa is not a virus...its a prion...a zombie prion...

RE: What if a disease infected SCP Foundation? - Hollow - 14-03-2014 03:09 PM

Yeah, to me it already always was a Prion, but because of it's high metabolic aggression, it is considered a virus.
Actually, when playing Necroa on the mobile version of Plague Inc., I noticed that after infection, the infection dots turn dark crimson to black, which according to my theory, in real life the Necroa virus would implant itself in the victim's blood circulatory system until it has spread through the bone marrow, thus being able to get it's traits and perks from the DNA stored in there when it turns cytopathic later.
After it has infected and infested the nerve system it will complete it's infection sequence by making a "dead-tissue hotspot" inside the victim's brain and incubates there in a necrotic spot which becomes eventually immune to any kind of anti-virus and vaccin that exist, meaning it would be able to bypass level 4 anitvirals on either the start of infection, or later when the hotspot has been made into the brain.
I also believe that the Necroa virus would be able to create several kinds of zombie types due to the person's DNA traits, and therefore determines what it eventually becomes.
Some might become "hunters", and therefore have better muscles and have a much better metabolic process when eating it's victims and preys, often found to be horde leaders, and have a limited, yet effective commanding usage of their "distinctive moans, yells, and screams".
Some might turn into "vectors", which would be full of necrosis patches all over their bodies, and would most likely develop a pulmonary oedema-like trait/perk in their lungs to spread the pathogen through the air, as when they touch any prey or victim, or any of them touches them, the necrotic fluids would infect them, even bite through their skin and flesh tissues because they could be acidic, next to the highly acidic "spitters".
"Vectors" would more likely drink the blood of it's victims and preys to keep itself hydrated enough for necrosis production in it's patches, and it would most likely eat rotten meat too.
So, coming back on the dark crimson-to-black dots on the map, I believe the Necroa virus should be incurable (referring to these theories, not in-game!), as when the hotspot is made into it's victim, it can always revert to either acute encephalitis, or cytopathic reanimation through the immune necrotic cells in the hotspot's tissues hidden in the brain.

I'm not too familiar with SPC, however: Read this.


RE: What if a disease infected SCP Foundation? - Hollow - 16-03-2014 01:22 PM