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New Scenario Idea: Under Control - The Trust Melon - 27-05-2014 08:19 PM

Just a few hours after getting the first idea, I have come up with another that gives both good and bad out of it...

Scenario Name: Under Control

Scenario Description: The government spends countless amounts of time trying to gain or regain control of their country again when things go bad. Now what if I told you that the world can change over the years? The government has regained all control and has sustained it through various forms of disasters over the years. Will your disease be enough to send the world back into anarchy, or will you be put 'Under Control?'

Basic Scenario Eelements:
- Governments now never shut down any ports when majorly infected

- Countries no longer are driven into anarchy

- Countries' economy levels are no longer affected by the disease

- Increased rate of research when Global Efforts are in effect

- Each individual country has a slightly higher financial budget

- Personal hygiene levels slightly decreased

- Individual Research Speed slightly increased

Disease Type: Bacteria

Starting Country: Any selected

I may have another idea out shortly, depending on whatever comes into my head.