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Virus infecting animals then they mutate - Omeg47c - 27-05-2014 07:07 AM

Add please the virus infecting animals then they mutate in any Godzillas and then trample down and burn down the world map)))
Or UFO-virus from x-files (people infected with bees)
And still the virus can be released at the ocean and infect at first fishes, birds and then people.
And still Russia needs to be divided into 3 regions probably: The European part (densely populated, the large cities, the temperate climate, the advanced medicine), Siberia (very rare settlements, very cold, a meditsina=vodka) and Primorsky Krai (Vladivostok, Habaroksk) (average density of the population, damp, close contact with China)
It is a pity that there are no video inserts. though any
Also change of seasons because it influences infection speed is still very necessary
And still scientific during process of game can make discoveries reducing a vlyaniye of symptoms and speed of distribution of an infection
Still would be cool if there were randomny events like meteorite falling to a virus (as tiberium from CnC) with the subsequent infection of Earth.
Still it is possible to make a virus of space as Venom from the spiderman.

Badges with symptoms can be made more small, and symptoms is will add a variety more. too most concerns also ways of infection.
It is more than symptoms, it is more than infection ways, it is more than distinctions between viruses, bacteria and fungi !!!

Many thanks for that that you don't do any garbage like call of daty.