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Mutant Retrovirus - Gemini - 16-06-2014 04:18 PM

Okay, so I've got an idea for a new plague type I got from watching Elfen Lied. Basically, humanity is infected with a retrovirus that causes their offspring to be born as a form of humanoid mutant that is strong, sterile, and hostile to humans. The goal of humanity is to kill these mutants and create a vaccine that prevents them from being produced.

In the game, this would work a bit like the Necroa Virus; even if humanity discovers a cure, it's not over yet. Unlike the Necroa Virus, the cure would prevent more mutants from being produced, since they're sterile (in the actual series, there's a 'queen' who's able to reproduce, but since the goal here is to wipe all life from the earth, it could just be a spontaneous mutation, so once the humans are all dead, the mutants would start dying out.)

This, in my mind, would create a very complex scenario, where birthrates have to be taken into account; while the mutants are being born, so are normal humans, who will bolster the population.