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Couple suggestions - Morgnanana - 18-06-2014 06:23 PM

Hi, and sorry if these points have been addressed earlier.

1. population density

Sometimes the dots that indicate distribution of the disease don't cover all the area in countries, and depending on entry point it can cause funky results (see fig. 1). In this image, Russia is fully infected, yet densely populated western area is barely dotted. In fig. 2 you can see that Hispaniola doesn't have any dots, although Caribbean region is fully infected (combined picture). My suggestion is to either increase dot amount to cover all of the region or add some small correlation between dot placement and population density. I'd personally prefer latter, but it's all up to you (and the poll I added to this discussion)

2. More options to worldview map

You can already view which countries have which climates, but what about some shaders for what percentage of region population is healthy, infected, dead or zombie? This would greatly improve your available information about which infection protocols you should adopt, and thus would enhance gameplay and enjoyability. Other shaders could also be added, as your imagination and suggestions of other users allow. [see fig. 3 for crude version of menu and fig. 4 for example shader of continuous US(Ignore caramel syntaxes)]

3. Neurax Worm

I feel that Neurax Worm should also have unique genes like Necroa virus, although I don't currently have any suggestions about what they woulg be. I'll update this original post as I'll get suggestions and as I get my own ideas.

fig. 1
[Image: 77P8ENY.jpg]

fig. 2
[Image: R0gP8ny.jpg]

fig. 3
[Image: v3YOntM.png]

fig. 4
[Image: 6OlJpFj.png]

ps. Thank you for truly awesome small game you're creating Smile

RE: Couple suggestions - NdemicTom - 19-06-2014 11:22 AM

Thanks for the thoughts. Great to hear you are enjoying it so far!