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Woo scenaria sugesstion. - BloodPhoenixPhi - 20-06-2014 06:41 PM

A scenaria where basically everybody falls for pseudoscience crap, conspiracy theories and other woo.
Exclamation Chemtrails!
  • reduced transmission via planes due less flight customers
Exclamation Organic farmig!
  • reduced cropyield, leading to famine
  • higher infection rate form pathogens of an gastro-intestinal path
Exclamation Homeopathy!
  • Water has memory! (also dementia, and no clue how to cure anything)
Exclamation No flouride water!
  • Now everyone feels smart. And has decaying teeth.
Exclamation Frankenfood!
  • GMOs could end all famine- But the misunderstood crops where burned by the angry mob - alongside the researchers responsible for their creation.
Exclamation Anti-vaccination celebs and moms
  • Mommy instinct is way better than actual research.
  • Mom knows what best -Pesky needle? NO! Chickenpox? Yes!
  • Ermahgerd mercury!
.... and many, many more.
(Or just change the "easy" description accordingly Big Grin )

[Image: 10500354_874115115937225_5138954941064250238_n.jpg]

RE: Woo scenaria sugesstion. - Faustus - 20-06-2014 08:17 PM

I think it's a good idea. So many people believe in these bullshit.
Pseudoscience is everywhere. It would be great if a game could do some indirect education in a humorous way.
Thumbs up!

RE: Woo scenaria sugesstion. - Aetherez - 20-06-2014 08:21 PM

I support this scenario and the destined hilarious news headlines with it.