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Digi Virus, Take 2 - The Silver Foxin - 08-07-2014 10:36 AM

The world as we know it is gone... cybernetic enhancements have been developed and are now wide spread around the world, mankind in on the brink of becoming the very embodiment of ancient Sci-Fi films and literature. But, as with everything good, something bad must balance it out. a corrupt file inside someone's neural processing enhancement chip has caused patient zero to become a living computer virus, with his core focus being to at first, figure out what he is to do with the birus's new found freedom, and then, take over the world, creating a utopia for the virus and its kind.

backstory half-(insert word) 'd and ready to go.

I was thinking of mass effect kind of, the technocyte that turned the sentient creatures into a sort of digitalized monstrosity or even just a f'd up human (normal on outside, taken over on the inside). this is kinda a mixture of the neurax worm, necroa virus, and the medical enchancement scenario.

let me know what you all think, add, detract, and improve on whatever you want, i cant wait to see the ideas flow