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Power Overwhelming (Shadow Plague) achievement - JoeSewef92 - 05-01-2019 11:31 PM

Okay, I've tried the strategies found in the Wikia wiki, and I've even comtributed to them, but I am stumped. Ever since one tweak that caused government response to be quicker, I have not been able to get close to succeeding in Power Overwhelming before the Templar get wise to the vampire. Has anyone figured out how to succeed at this one?

RE: Power Overwhelming (Shadow Plague) achievement - Dee Cak0fe - 12-01-2019 11:38 PM

I have tried to get it for about 20 times, still not succeed. The best try was when I received 'Stonehedge built to prevent the discovery of graves' message but vampire was spotted right after it. This is the last trophy I miss in main part of the game and it takes longer than all others together. I play on Android phone with no save/load feature (there is only save&exit but it is unusable since it's breaking the trophy script). Have to start it over from the very beginning each time. Will be hoping for luck. By the way, seems that intentional contamination of UK after mutant skeleton message works better than avoiding it to the end.

RE: Power Overwhelming (Shadow Plague) achievement - JamesLana0d - 17-01-2019 08:13 PM

I cant beat this achievement too ;(

RE: Power Overwhelming (Shadow Plague) achievement - JoeSewef92 - 26-01-2019 08:10 AM

(12-01-2019 11:38 PM)Dee Cak Wrote:  I have tried to get it for about 20 times, still not succeed. The best try was when I received 'Stonehedge built to prevent the discovery of graves' message but vampire was spotted right after it. This is the last trophy I miss in main part of the game and it takes longer than all others together. I play on Android phone with no save/load feature (there is only save&exit but it is unusable since it's breaking the trophy script). Have to start it over from the very beginning each time. Will be hoping for luck. By the way, seems that intentional contamination of UK after mutant skeleton message works better than avoiding it to the end.

Curious. If I can get that far again, I'll have to try that.

RE: Power Overwhelming (Shadow Plague) achievement - Dee Cak0fe - 30-01-2019 02:44 PM

(26-01-2019 08:10 AM)JoeSewe Wrote:  Curious. If I can get that far again, I'll have to try that.

I've tried to sum up the hints I found on this trophy and mix them with personal experience. Here is a kind of guide, however I haven't checked the final steps yet. Maybe it will be of use and maybe someone will suggest some improvements.

Here comes the long text.

Overwhelming Power
Twilight Plague (on Android smartphone) - Stonehedge trophy No.3 - ver.2.5

Type: Third trophy in Stonehenge storyline
Disease: Twilight Plague
Game level: normal

Using save/load: when playing on Android smartphone, forget about it. This functionality is reduced to almost zero here (you can only Save&Exit, to same slot everytime - and you can reload only after losing the game; any crash replaces this savegame with new data existing at the time of such crash).

IMPORTANT ANDROID VERSION NOTE: in the case of Save&Exit use (as well as random crash of the game) long trophy scripts cease to work, and trophy becomes unreachable. Pitifully, you have to do everything correctly in single attempt, and if failed - start all over again from the very beginning.

I. Used literature Smile

Most of the information is drawn from two guides:
a) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=583661612 from Solara570 (trophies 170-172)
b) https://www.trueachievements.com/a232390/power-overwhelming-achievement from Halidoc and an important comment on this guide from Bort Bortson.
Thanks to their authors. I've tried to streamline this information, supplement it with personal experience and explain non-obvious moments in more detail.
So far (Jan 2019) on the Android smartphone, I did not go beyond step 25, but, IMHO, I finally found the right path. Further hints and clarifications from those who took the trophy are welcome.

II. Preparations

- Shadow spawn (improved stealth in countries with Lairs),
- Budget bat (no DNA spent on flights),
- Native biome (why not),
- Extremophile (why not),
- Brawler (free Blood rage).

Initial country: Turkey (to prevent Shadow Pool event)
First country to visit after Turkey: Central Europe (to prevent Dracula event)

First 2/3 of the game style: flying all the time, very brief stops in each country enroute, avoiding visits to the same country twice.

Limitation 1. Don't evolve Dark Ritual I and II until the proper moment (almost in the end).
Limitation 2. Don't evolve Steroidal Boost or Anabolic Boost (if you're not interested in Stonehedge trophy 1).
Limitation 3. Don't evolve Extreme Bioaerosol (if you're not interested in Stonehedge trophy 2).

IMPORTANT! Your vampire should not be spotted until the final 1/3 of the game (step 26 below), or Stonehedge script will be broken and you will not get the trophy.

Increased risk of script failure: second visit to any country with no Lair in it or third visit to country with Lair. At the beginning of the game, the risk is minimal, but it grows with time (on the later stages your vampire can easily be spotted in a country where he has never been before).

Indicators of script break/suspense:
- (before step 26) 'Blood cult leader tracked in ...' - your vampire is spotted too early;
- (after step 30) 'Preemptive nuclear strike on Stonehenge' - you've failed to meet the deadline on final stage.
- (anytime) Something like '(Country name) police find no pattern to chain of cruel murders' - this is a long-term suspense of script for an unspecified reason (not forever - it will resume with time, but the delay will fatally reduce the chances of the vampire to go unspotted until the right moment);

About Lairs: Put Lairs only in countries where you are going to return later (when all countries are visited once, it is theoretically possible to try circling a little more between countries with Lairs - Shadow Spawn gene gives additional stealth there, but if the process really lasts for so long - your vamp will almost certainly be spotted, and these Lairs will be of no use). Don't evolve Shadow Portal until it is necessary. It is handy to have one of the Lairs near UK (e.g., southern Norway, Iceland, Spain), it is useful for teleporting there at the end of the trophy achievement process (if you'll succeed to get so far). Honestly, I do not see the need to put other Lairs, except for this one.

III. The Game

1. Start in Turkey. Evolve skills Night Wraith, Therianthropy, Travel Speed 1.
2. Wait for 1-2 victims, then fly to Central Europe.
3. In Central Europe, wait for 1-2 victims, then fly anywhere except UK.
4. Keep flying around the world, never stopping anywhere for long. Most of the game is to be spent in these flights. Try to develop the longest possible route, in which your vampire will be able to avoid repeated visits to countries for as long as possible (see the sample route below).
5. During the 4th month of the game, in the newsfeed, the message 'Tourists topple Standing Stone at Stonehenge' should appear (a separate window is not displayed, it is necessary to monitor the newsfeed). If there is no message by the end of the 4th month - the script is broken, you need to start over.
6. Immediately after this tourists' message, evolve symptom Shadow Blessing (don't evolve other symptoms so far).
7. Continue flying, never stopping anywhere for long. Along the way, vampire is starting to infect the visited countries and collect DNA points. By step 11 you will need about 40 DNA, do not squander them.
8. Wait for the message in the newsfeed 'Ancient chamber uncovered at Stonehenge'.
9. Wait for the message in the newsfeed 'Mutated skeleton found at Stonehenge'.
10. Immediately after the mutaded skeleton message, head to UK as soon as possible.
11. When in UK, simultaneously evolve vampire's passive infection abilities — 3 are enough (Blood Gift, Dark Cloud, Shadow Trail). Maybe even 2 are enough, but I'm not sure.
12. Wait a little (no longer than until 'blood drinking murder' report - your vampire still should not be spotted). Ideally, it is time to break loose and fly away, having seen that more than 1.5 million have become infected.
13. Fly anywhere, but to a country with a population comparable to UK. Your goal now is not to infect anyone stronger than UK (by percentage). Therefore, for example, Iceland and Greenland are not suitable - there are too few people there, these countries will get infected too quickly. Try staying in all furter countries no longer than for a second.
14. Urgently evolve 4-5 inexpensive symptoms - for example, Nocturnal, Anaemia, Pallor, Weeping Sores, Hyperdontia. Later, as DNA accumulates, devolve Shadow Trail and Dark Cloud (for less contagion in unwanted countries). You may want to devolve Blood Gift as well.
15. Wait for the disease to be detected by the world ('New disease spotted in UK'). I don't know if it matters how long it later takes for WHO to put the disease into watchlist, it seems this does not affect anything. And the disease must be found in UK! To ensure this, the percentage of people infected should be the largest in the world. If the disease is detected in any other country - the script is broken, start everything over again.
16. After your disease is detected, you may want to devolve the symptoms, leaving only the Shadow Blessing (at a pace defined by accumulated DNA points). Not for sure, but perhaps the less countries struggle with the disease, the slower the chances of early detection of your vampire grow.
17. From the moment of visiting UK, non-standard messages detailing the vampire's murders (all located in UK) may be found in the newsfeed. This is not fatal, but slowing the script and increases the risk of premature spotting of your vampire later. If there are no such messages, that's just good.
18. After your disease is spotted, wait for the message 'Mutated skeleton infected with (disease name)'.
19. The newsfeed is now full of messages about how different countries trying to fight the disease - check it VERY often, for not to miss the necessary messages. Literally check it every 3-4 seconds. If WHO builds their laboratories, don’t touch them, let them create a cure, you don’t need to win the game to take the trophy.
20. From this point on, the risk your vampire will be spotted breaking the trophy script is significantly and constantly growing. Hope for your luck.
21. Wait for the message 'Stonehenge may hold key to curing (disease name).'
22. Don't forget to frequently check the newsfeed; it is abundantly filled with extraneous news so the right message may easily be lost.
23. Wait for the message 'Scanning detects more chambers under Stonehenge'.
24. Wait for the message 'Traces of huge battle found under Stonehenge'.
25. Wait for the message 'Stonehenge 'built to prevent discovery of graves'.'
26. Wait for the message 'Sacrificial altar found deep under Stonehenge'. If you see this message - you are very lucky, hurray, everything now goes easier. There you need to evolve Shadow Portal skill, if it is not yet evolved.
27. Evolve Blood Rage skill; if there are extra DNA points, then evolve the whole branch (but remember, at least 40 DNA are required quite soon to complete the script).
28. Now let the world to spot your vampire. Destroy laboratories, attack countries to extract DNA. Try not to fly too far away from UK.
29. Wait for Templar Industries to build its bases. It is better now to avoid attacking them (at least, don't destroy all bases - minimum one must survive to the end).
30. Wait for the message 'Templar declare Stonehenge a high risk location'.
31. Rush to UK. You have 20 days to arrive there. You may use Shadow Portal and jump to the nearest Lair to shorten the way.
32. When in UK, evolve skills Dark Ritual I and II.
33. Activate Blood Rage on UK.
34. Wait for a new message. If everything done right, it will be 'Stonehenge consumed by Shadow' and you'll get Overwhelming Power trophy. If something is wrong, you will see 'Preemptive nuclear strike on Stonehenge' message, and everything you've done must be started over.

IV. Cruise route Smile

I don't think this route is optimal. This is just a possible option, which gives mostly long flights and helps to avoid revisiting countries early. It is assumed that you have initially evolved Travel Speed 1.

Warning: Approximately after the first third of the list, the message 'Mutated skeleton found at Stonehenge' may come - you will have to give up everything and immediately fly to UK. See for yourself how to return to the route later. In principle, at this stage the risk of detection is not yet very high, and you can re-visit the country or two.

Turkey (initial country)
Central Europe (east)
East Africa (north)
Australia (west)
New Zealand
New Guinea
<about now comes message about tourists in Stonehedge - turn on the disease and start to infect countries>
Southeast Asia
<somewhere from here at any moment you can see the message about the mutated skeleton, urging you to fly to UK>
China (center)
Central Asia (west)
<if there is no message about the mutated skeleton yet, then:> Russia (west)
<if damned mutated skeleton is again not reported, feel free to (re)visit near countries, but do not fly far away from UK>
<if the message about mutated skeleton has come, then:> UK (instantly evolve 3 passive infection abilities while in UK)
<once 1.5-2 million people are infected in UK:> Morocco
Argentina (center)
USA (south)
Central America
Greenland (south)
Sweden (south)
Middle East
Central Africa (center)
Balkan States
<about now it is time to evolve the Lair>
Norway (put a Lair here if possible)
Spain (put a Lair here if not done so in Norway)
Iceland (put a Lair here if not done so in Norway or Spain)
<about now it is time to evolve Travel Speed 2>
Saudi Arabia (south)
West Africa (west)
South Africa
Baltic States
<if not visited before, then:> Russia (north/center)
Kazakhstan (west)
<The list of countries is over, continue at your own risk - you will have to start re-visiting countries. Although if there no message about the sacrificial altar at this stage, you almost certainly failed and have to start all over again.>