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The Cancer is a weakness within the Body. It is Significantly harder to cure. It has Extremely Low Infectivity and Does not transmit from Person to Person. The Cancer is a slow killer and its root causes must be broadened to infect the individual. The more the cure progresses the slower the cancer transmits.

The Idea is one can replicate specific cancers or one can create an entirely new cancer. the further the cure progress the slower the transmission, so early expansive transmission is required. you do not choose a start country, the transmissions have a global or global concentrated effect.

Transmissions (The Causes of Cancer)

De-oxidisation I - Cancer develops from de-oxidisation of the lungs, particularly through smoking. Effective in urban area's.
De-oxidisation II. Cancer is delicate enough to develop from inhaling concoctions of particles and gas particularly in urban area's.
Unlocks Lung Cancer Symptoms

Predisposition I - Cancer more likely to spontaneously develop in damaged cells. Increases infectivity and mutation chance.
Predisposition II - Cancer significantly more likely to spontaneously develop within damaged cells. Increases infectivity and mutation chance.
Unlocks throat cancer symptoms, links with lung cancer symptoms to increase spreed of lethality

Airborne Substances - Greatly increases infectivity
The result of De-oxidisation I and II and Predisposition I and II, Unlocks Mesothelioma/Asbestos cancer symptoms.

Solar I - Ultra Violet light causes damage to skin cells, Increases global infectivity, Especially cold and arid climates
Solar II - Ultra Violet light causes significant damage to skin cells, especially effective in arid and cold climates.
Unlocks Skin Cancer Symptoms

Radiation I - Man-made radiations like microwaves help spread cancer. Increases infectivity chance, particularly in rich area's.
Radiation II - Broadens the scope of radiation types that can cause cancer to develop such as mobile phones and televisions, particularly effective in rich area's.
Requires Solar I+II, Combines with Solar to unlock Eye Cancer Symptoms effecting a multitude of different tissues.

Bacteria - Cancer develops from substances created by bacteria within the stomach. Increases freedom of mutation. effective in poor regions.
Unlocks Inflamation, Stomach/Bowel Cancer Symptoms, Breast Cancer, Combines with Radiation to develop prostate cancer symptoms

Virus - Increases freedom of mutation during transmission. effective in high density and rural regions
Requires Bacteria Unlocks Cervical, Liver, Oropharyngeal cancer symptoms and links with non-maloma skin cancers.

Parasite - Nutrient draining Parasites increase the likelyhood of cancer developing. Increases freedom of mutation, effective in poor and humid regions.
Requires Virus+Bacteria Unlocks Bladder Cancer, Intestinal Cancer symptoms.


Moles - UV rays damage the skin causing moles and freckles to occur, increasing severity with Mutation chance
Warts- Freckles and blotches grow into warts, increasing severity, increasing severity with mutation chance
Tumours- Cancer leads to tumor growth which can eventually be fatal, increasing severity with mutation chance

Sore Throat - A Consistent sore throat increases the severity.
Coughing- Persistent coughing increases the severity of the cancer.
Weezing- Breathing itself becomes more of a task, can lead to hypoxia, especially in cold regions.

Inflammation - Inflammation increases the severity of cancer which can be fatal

Nausea - Cancer to the liver causes nausea increasing severity
Vommiting - Liver cancer causes vomiting, increasing severity, can be fatal
Dramatic Weight loss - Dramatic weight loss can lead to death particularly in cold and arid countries.
Constipation - Constipation can cause serious digestion problems and in some cases lead to death.
Diaorhea - Diorhea increases the risk of death particulaly in poor regions

Internal Sores - Sores develop internally increasing severity
Internal Bleeding - Sores rupture and break easily, can be fatal.

Immune Supression - Weakens the immune system, can be fatal

Mouth Ulcers - Mouth Ulcers increase severity with a chance of mutation.

Hallucinations - Cancer in the brain cause hallucinations, Can be fatal. significantly harder to cure.
Cognitive Breakdown - Cancer completely breaks down hosts brain leaving infected unable function Can be fatal.. Slows future research, Significantly harder to cure.
Coma - Cognitive Breakdown persists causing infected to fall into a coma which eventually leads to fatality

Organ Failure - Greatly increases fatality.

Drug Resistence I - Immune to Antibiotics level 1
Drug Resistence II - Immune to Antibiotics level 2
Drug Resistence III - Immune to all known Antibiotics.

Type 1 Cancer- Mutations are Restricted but can be Fatal. Chance of Mutation
Type 2 Cancer- Mutations are less restricted and are slightly more fatal, with a chance of mutation
Type 3 Cancer- Mutations are more common and significantly fatal, with a chance of mutation.
Type 4 Cancer- Significantly greater freedom of mutation, increased fatality.

Unlike standard games the infected count will be allowed to drop to zero and the cancer can be deliberately kept small by killing fast in an effort to avoid notice or it can be grown stealthly to kill at a later date. The killing process shall be slow but combined symptoms will gradually and tactically give the speed needed to beat the cure. it will not need to cross borders via boat or plane transmission and will spontaneously develop as more and more transmission conditions begin to cause it. It will cost to de-evolve mutations and transmission will be the hard aspect of it. The cure by default will take significantly longer to develop and as it develops; transmission becomes less likely as more knowledge about the cancer is obtained. It will persistently try to kill or evolve to kill in the process of evolving to be more noticeable, and the more noticeable it is, the slower it transmits. it should be expensive, slow and challenging. Simple i think, and effective.

More Suggestions to Come..
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