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new idea: the strain
14-08-2014, 06:55 PM
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RE: new idea: the strain
(14-08-2014 09:04 AM)TetraD20 Wrote:  
(29-07-2014 09:27 AM)NdemicMarc Wrote:  This is a really cool idea - I haven't seen the show yet but we're getting a lot of people asking about it! How do you think it would work from a gameplay point of view?

I made an account just for this. XD

First Turn is consisted of a plane traveling to your picked country from a random location. This random location is your "birth site" and must be protected. If the strains "birth site" is destroyed the strain is instantly eradicated, there are multiple strains and multiple birth sites ( enemy strains ) these strains are allied against you, and humans in a 3 way battle. Your purpose is to destroy all the other strains by overpowering them through fighting or destroying their birth site ( nuke ability? )

the strain cant cross water without human help ( ability? )
Vampire worms don't travel very well through animals.
Vampire worms can stay alive in areas for a limited period of time. (transmission)
Vampire feeding/and killing vampires are the best ways to be infected. (transmission)
Must defend your birth site, so instead of having a "cure" rate i suggest human nuking of the other strains "birth" sites to show human "knowledge" and progress in their attack.
vampires can only fight/infect at full speed during night.
There is no cure or resistance to vampire worms, the only mitigation is the day/night
cycle and the weapons that humans/enemy strains develop against vampires, which you can slow down with abilities that slow media and information about the strain ( important in series and book )

If you can destroy all the other strain birth sites you can have an option of eternal night which allows you to infect/fight at full speed during the day. (nuclear winter)

This is what i have for now after reading the book, I might think of more later.

im just watching the show so i dont know much but that sounds awesome
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