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Plague idea : Suicide Plague/The Happening ~Admins Please Read
30-07-2014, 08:41 AM (This post was last modified: 30-07-2014 09:28 AM by BI0Miner453.)
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Plague Inc Plague idea : Suicide Plague/The Happening ~Admins Please Read
a Special Plague (Like the One from the Happening) From a Plant it Begins to go to Person to Person.
Symptom: Giving them Suicidal Thoughts.
Symptom: Giving them No Concern for Safety Like Walking in the Middle of a Street ,Running into Propellers.
Symptom: Making them Jump From Heights
Symptom: Shoot Themselvies
Symptom: Infected Now Lay in the Middle of Roads
Symptom: Infected Run Infront of Cars
Symptom: Infected Now Make Nooses
Symptom: Infected Now Cut themselvies
Symptom: Infected Don't Go to Hospitals When they are Wounded Or Badly Cut
Symptom: Infected Now Drive off Cliffs
Symptom: Pilots Now Drive Into Stuff
Symptom: Infected Use Cars Exhaust for Suicide
Symptom: Infected Now Dig Their Own Graves
Symptom: Infected Now Convince Others to Commit Suicide By Infecting
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Transmission I Plants (Plants Begin to Spread the Disease By Contact)
Transmission I Bats (Bats Begin to Pick up the Virus and Spread it)
Transmission I Livestock (Livestock Starts Spreading the Virus By Meat Etc and Or Contact)
Transmission I Birds (Birds Begin to Touch and Spread the Virus By Air)
Transmission I Rats/Mice (Rats/Mice Begin to Spread it By Fecies etc)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Transmission II Plants (Plants Begin to Spread the Virus By Air)
Transmission II Bats (Bats Begin to to Spread the Virus by Air and Attack People)
Transmission II Livestock ( Livestock begins to Spread it by Contact and Fecies and Stockmarket)
Transmission II Birds (Birds Begin to Spread Virus By Air and Fecies)
Transmission II Rats/Mice Begin to Bite People and Attack and Spread Virus
Transmission III Plants (Plants Begin to Root the Virus Plant By Plant and Release Spores)
Transmission III Bats (Bats Begin to Dive Bomb People and Die and Spread Virus By its Corpse)
Transmission III Livestock (Livestock Begins to Attack People And Run off Cliffs)
Transmission III Birds (Birds Begin to Run Into Buildings and Planes and Spread the Virus By Blood)
Transmission III Rats/Mice (Rats/Mice Begin to Attack People Violently And Spread Virus By Corpse
Global Message - (Insert Country Name Here) has Started Burning The Nations Plants to Help Stop the Spread of the Virus
Global Message - (insert Country name here) Has Started Killing and Stopping all Livestock in the Area
Global Message - (insert Country Name here) Has Set Up Nationwide Suicide Hotline
Global Message - (Insert Country Name here) Has Started Suicide Prevention Squads Nationwide
Global Message - (insert Country Name Here) Is Concerned about Birds Running into Stuff
Global Message - (insert Country Name Here) Has Started Mass Digging of Graves for Suicide Victims
Ability:Sucide Pilot Bubble (A infected Pilot will Smash into a Country Causing it to Spread)

(I Can't think of any other abilitys,Please Tell me any abilitys You think would be Nice)
Reply if You like it (I Put 1 Hr 24 Minutes Thinking of this And I'm Still Updating it so Please Support)

No,No No Plague Here,Goodbye
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