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Idea for developers.
01-08-2014, 05:14 AM (This post was last modified: 01-08-2014 06:10 AM by Legionbro.)
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Cure Idea for developers.
I noticed that developers don't make any changes to game and only add a paid content.
My idea is an immunity.
Immunity works so:
1 . Standard immune reaction is casual treatment after which it is more difficult to infect the person.
2 . Evolution. People gradually develop immunity. Operates as cure on the territory of one country. The priority of development isn't necessary. As priority for immunity the number infected (speed higher when the country is infected completely) serves.
Starts treating (slowly) on reaching 50%.
This characteristic is in the game universe pandemic
3 . Natural selection. The more is infected/died the catches/dies people less. That is, when in the country there was 1 person, he will catch through bigger quantity of time than others.
4 . Wonderful treatment (sharp evolution). The window in which it is said that the person unreceptive to S % is found emerges. This person will accelerate medicine creation, and directly is not to kill him. It is possible to arrange anarchy.
Population growth/reduction.
Its increase can affect both crisis and economy growth.
If you consider that it is difficult here the link:
There are pathogens on an equal basis with viruses and bacteria such as: the Archaea (cause caries), actinomyces, mycoplasmas, protozoa, cyanobacteria, seaweed and subvirus particles (purely DNA or RNA).

Realistically, once a cure is synthesized it takes weeks for a volume amount to even be mass produced. I think there should be a period of time for the cure to be transported to each infected country and take time for the cure to take effect and not just everyone cured all at once just because the cure had been discovered.

Just like with the planes in the game moving from country to country during the research aspect of the game it should also be that way for the spread of the cure.

Would make it more interesting in my opinion.

I think Plague is a very excellent game and here are some ideas which might make it even better. Organized into two parts

First - Real world inspiration
at some point the game says it's a hyper simulator and it is indeed, which gives it a certain charm. things that happen in real world and can also happen in plague simulations include.

- there can be experimental cures. or more than one. which might work or cause mutation (some times no real effect) and sometimes worsen the situation.
- a cure is too expensive (especially if still experimental) meaning it only works in parts of the world or is just slow or not a good cure.
- a cure can become ineffective due to a mutation.
- Mutation can be effected by DNA string complexity, ie, how many gens it has. the more there is the more chance of something going wrong.
- Mutation can mess up DNA strings sometimes. causing devolution or lowering one of the plagues properties. in real life there are Good, Bad & harmless mutations.
- there can be immunizations or other diseases competing that slow down the spread of a plague.
- HIV is dormant for years without any symptoms and that's why it spreads so much. here I'm talking about the time it takes to kill a patient, which should be somewhere in the spreading category.
- areas can be quarantined to contain an epidemic
- Viruses, Bacteria and others are very different in how they kill (or infect) people, respond to drugs, speed of mutation, they are stronger in different stages of an epidermic and they have different reasons for being dangerous.
- ie viruses mutate faster and infect faster but they can die out if they kill more than they infect early on.

Second - Info
the game feels extra cool when you know basic high school biology like, Viruses don't have DNA but RNA. Bacteria have no nucleoli. or that they make spores to spread. or the reasons for rising and drooping in trends of a disease or that antibiotics don't work on viruses as well as they do on bacteria.. or why anthrax is so dangerous, or why the black death entered history books.
- such things can always be there as tool-tips and articles that don't necessarily interfere with game-play. and may be useful in general or just be there for the fun of learning. they defiantly add to the game and make you appreciate it more.

I know not all of that may be practical or useful but just thought to post it anyway let me know what you guys think
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