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Idea for developers.
01-08-2014, 04:22 PM
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RE: Idea for developers.
(01-08-2014 06:16 AM)Legionbro Wrote:  What better then Artificial Organs you ask? CYBORGS! Similarly to A.O, we have Cyborgs. People get the technology to turn people into Cyborgs. When this happens every one scrambles to get 1. The Cyborgs however are more vulnerable to disease, from uninsulated blood vessels and no immune system. Cyborgs don't need immune systems, right? Wrong! The next big disease can be the next big disaster! Without an immune system you are easily infected. This disease will target major organs that even a cyborg needs, electrical part that the disease can destroy, and the brain. If you're disease is noticed, then you can get a popup saying,

"Cyborgs immune system"
Scientist have made a new advancement in cyborg technology for generations to last! The new Cyborg immune system creates antibodies based on the symptoms you have from the latest outbreak."

This decreases Infectivity by half, maybe all.

The only way to counteract this is with Internal hemorrhage and coma.

Another way you can counteract this (2 choices or both, there all ideas) is to get Pain Killer System Failure. What this does is deactivates the electrical parts needs to stop the pain from the parts of you're body that was removed. If you think about it you would be in pain if you were disassembled and reassembled, wouldn't you? If you add this to insanity you will get a popup saying this

"Shocking Cyborgs!"
"People who turned into cyborgs are now jumping into the nearest pool of water from the mass amount of pain. Scientist say that the Pain Killer System was shut down some how."

After seeing that you get a huge amount of lethality, more so then when you got P.K.S.F.

P.K.S.F can cost
20-30 DNA on Casual mode - Normal mode
On Brutal and Mega-Brutal i can be as high as 50-51 DNA, depending on how many people are infected.

Joke idea:
You could how ever call them Cyborg men as a reference to Cyber Men from Doctor Who.

P.K.S.F - Pain Kill System Failure
A.O - Artificial Organs

where is MONGOLIA?

Well, I'm sure some of us have noticed the similarities to that flash game. Each have their good points, but since we're shelling out money for this game...

Here are the Pandemic 2 things that SHOULD be implemented.

1. The cure, as many people have complained, dispenses far too quickly. Pandemic 2's research took 4 phases of distribution. If you could significantly alter it within the distribution time, you could even lock it out completely and make them unable to make another.

2. The "cure" itself. Perhaps a cure can be kept for Mega Brutal. For the other 3 modes, though, Pandemic 2 had the better idea: A vaccine.

A VACCINE is different from a cure in that if you have already achieved global infection, it doesn't matter. It prevents new people from being infected, which means if you couldn't get into a country,

3. "Severity" should be changed to "Visibility". It's a better label of what the gauge does... get you noticed and reacted to.

4: Mega Brutal: Lock people out of Madagascar at the start and implement "Shut Down Everything" mode.

Hi, I have some idea that might improve drastically the game :
1) Make symptoms more interesting by reducing the reaction of the world to them in first stage. I think it's a bad thing that the optimal strategy is to not have any symptoms until the world is totally infected, they should help you do this not just being prerequisite for total organe failure.

2) Get rid of the bubbles or finding them something more interesting as a purpose. Why? because they are easy to pop, just annoying, DNA bubbles could for exemple increase mutation chances making it a choice to pop them or not. But the worst are by far the cure bubbles which are just annoying with horrible sound effect, and that's all.

3) Increase difficulty to become a god with neurax worm... cause really it's easier to do than killing the world.

4) Give more info about how the disease is doing in selected country (does it need more cold resist? etc...)

5) Making it possible for a disease to be noticed in some countries but not others (due to similarity with other known disease or bad healthcare), But increasing the reasearch speed of location which aren't infected (making it a choice between being noticed early cause of the healthcare but stopping reasearch, or hide yourself more but once reasearch start it will be hard to stop.

6) Render the HUD less intrusive by reducing the number of pop up which stop time. A vast majority of the info they give are either "tips" which you could ask the game to show only once, or minor things which shouldn't stop the flow of the game (but you should still have a way to know it happens). There is already someplace on top left to place these info, all you need to do is make it noticable which kind of info are passing through (to know if you really need to read or not).

7) Make the game faster, I never see somebody who didn't play at max speed which means the game is really too slow, Speed 2 should be fast enough to not be boring and speed 3 should just be for when you need to speed up because you wait something in particular to happen.

8) Making reaction of the world more believable, In the actual state of the game no matter what you did the world will react the same way, increasing priority only depending on what symptoms you picked. The world should react differently to a sudden disease that kill everybody in the world or a minor disease that is just spreading everywhere but isn't a threat. And not only by speeding things up (it's really frustrating when you decide to show up a bit early and the world react as if the disease was spreading since 6month with the same symptoms you just add).

That's all I have in mind right now, I hope this will be helpfull and I don't ask you to put it all in the game, but there might be there some things that are worth thinking about!

Good day to everybody and play well o/

I just had an idea for a plague which is kind of interesting. At least for me : P

How about a plague that does NOT destroy humanity actively but passively? The plague could be used to destroy plant life or animal life? No more animals or plants to eat. No more oxygen because all the trees are starting to die off? Humans could try to prevent this from happening by totally isolate their animals and/or build kind of bio domes to protect plant life?

Humans could have the tendency to go to war with each other because food will become more and more rare for example!

Yea...kind of far fetched, get the idea.


here are few ideas and wishes of mine...

1) More random-events. Here are a few ideas:

+ The San Fermin Festival in spain: Increased infectivity if you got the "Extreme Zoonosis"-Transmission.

+ The Guinea Pig Festival in peru: Increased infectivity if you got the "Rodent"-Transmission.

+ Papal Audiences: Increased infectivity if you skilled diverse ways of droplet infections.

+ Political motivated civil commotions: Less planes fly to the affected country or maybe the airport gets closed for a short time. This can happen anytime / anywhere and regardless of the disease.

+ People trying to form a human chain around the world: This should be an EXTREME rare event that increases infectivity if you skilled symptoms like "cysts" or "rash".

2) Highlight considerable Centers for Disease Control and WHO-offices all over the world. It is more likely that a country that contains a CDC or WHO-office discovers your disease pretty early and initiates hard quarantine-measures, but the general progress of cure-research will be cut in half if your disease manages to break down the country's government.

3) To keep a clearer general view you could mark the borders of countries that shutted down their airports / harbors.

4) Please give us the option to make the red "infection-lines" of airplanes and boats disappear after a few seconds.

A few ideas I had to increase the replayability and realism of the game!

Have little "play" triangles pop up over random countries that, when clicked, pause the game and open a short cutscene. Cutscenes could be anything from chaos in the streets, a zoom-in on someone infected to reveal the pathogen in their system, showing someone infecting another person, the pathogen in the bloodstream, zombies overruning a street/fortress/survivor(s), motor accidents, ect. Alternatively, cutscene bubbled can be allowed to expire in the same way any other bubble does. Well-made cutscenes will spread to YouTube, potentially generating more interest in the game in the long run. (Personally, though, I would like to see a gas mask symbol instead of a play button, as a self-insert. Also, gas masks are cool.)
A background sound of gunfire during the "Zombie Takeover" stage of the Necroa Virus plague type.
A selection of music to choose from. (Personally, I think Nox Arcana's "Zombie Influx" album is particularly fitting.)
Some sort of possible connection between the Nano-Virus and computers, such as that 3D-printed robotic juicer we're always getting notifications about. Having the virus transmit a sort of code to disrupt computers and, potentially, having that juicer replicated worldwide and going on killing sprees as it transforms from a household appliance into a killer robot. Can also potentially slow cure research.
Nuclear explosions that occur (as they do) being displayed with an animation on the map.
PLAGUE TYPE : Radiation Sickness - Begins from a nuclear accident or contamination of food/water, pathogens with DNA altered by exposure to radiation, making the pathogen radioactive itself. Functions similarly to the Bio-Weapon plague type, but with severity climbing as more people become infected. (I can see the news feed now. "Ukraine's population reduced to glowing corpses.")
PLAGUE TYPE : Back-Contaminant - Pathogen unknowingly brought back from an interplanetary mission / UFO crash. Causes infected to mutate into other creatures, similarly to Necroa Virus
Introduction of Bacteriophage-like encounters for specific plague types. In other words, a pathogen that attacks the player's pathogen. It works like the cure, but maybe having a chance to kill instead, and decreasing cure speed to compensate for it. Say it complicates testing due to contamination. Personally, I'd make this an optional gameplay feature, like the Immune population idea.
Some kind of plague type that infects humanity's food/water sources and kills by starving them out.
PLAGUE TYPE : Mass Hysteria - A mental disorder that increases in infectivity as it increases in severity, creating a sort of positive-feedback loop. Not really a pathogen, so much as a killer idea. Like the Witch Hunts, Red Scare, or "Dancing Sickness" of years past.
"Preppers" hide themselves away in bunkers for a predetermined amount of time (based on Severity at the time and the country's response) to emerge on a specific date. Players must avoid killing off all of their infected before the preppers emerge from the bunkers and can be infected again.
COMBINATION : Cocktail Party - Paranoia and Insanity symptoms cause people to riot in the streets, especially in urban countries. Decreases research speed in that country and slightly increases severity. (And infectivity?)
Have symptoms and such available in select countries once the leader of said country is infected, such as the deployment of nuclear weapons, the reopening of boarders/airports/seaports, decrease in severity, or cessation of cure research. (Neurax Worm Only?)
(NEURAX WORM / NECROA VIRUS ONLY) Give the player the occasional chance to see, from a first-person perspective, the act of (violently?) infecting / killing a healthy person. Maybe institute a decision mechanic, deciding between door 1 and door 2, or victim 1 and victim 2. Minor effect on gameplay, if any at all.

Addiction - Infected becomes addicted to otherwise mundane tasks. Decreases research speed of labs that are not already researching pathogen; Increases research speed of labs who are studying pathogen.
Catastrophic Hypertonia - Cells over-engorge themselves with water to the point of rupture and ultimate Liquefaction. Boon to Infectivity and a significant increase to lethality, especially in humid countries.
Hypotonia - Lack of water in cells cause severe dehydration. Increases lethality in hot/arid countries. Could lead to a combo involving Water I or II transmissions as people drink more water to compensate, creating an infectivity boost.
Leperosy - (NECROSIS PREREQUISITE) Infected tissue begins to fall off of the infected, increasing infectivity and lethality. May cause leper colonies to appear in an attempt to contain pathogen.
Increased Libido - Altered sex drive and changes to reproductive organs cause people to copulate more often and for longer periods of time, increasing chance of infection. (Especially in poor/urban countries? I don't know, use some sort of logic there. And maybe a condom.)
Transmission - Fomite - Pathogen can live on surfaces for some time. Increases overall infectivity.
Transmission - Fetus - (BLOOD II PREREQUISITE) Children of infected mothers/fathers are born infected with the pathogen.
Self-Mutilation - (DEPRESSION / PSYCHOSIS PREREQUISITE) Infected intentionally harms themselves, exposing others to their blood. Increases infectivity and lethality.
Transmission - Plant - Pathogen is capable of living in and/or on plants, compromising national food supply and increasing infectivity.
Computer Overload - (NANO-VIRUS ONLY; COMPUTER TAMPERING ABILITY REQUIRED) Nano-Virus overloads transistors in computers' motherboards, causing total systematic shutdown and/or the computer to burst into flames. Significantly decreases research speed, but increases severity by just as much, if not more. (Suggested by -HOI- Yakumo Yukari in the comments below)
Mycelium - (FUNGUS ONLY; NECROSIS PREREQUISITE / UNIQUE ABILITY) Microscopic roots emerge from dead/decaying tissue and release spores, making dead/decaying corpses infectious.

This could be added to over time, as more ideas arise.

To increase quantity of orange bubbles by 4 times.

Opportunity to combine scenarios.

I would post some general Ideas of new Features or things for a better Gameplay:

1. It would be nice, if the Game have a good Intro and some Cutscenes for Critical Messages (something like a active TV News about the Sickness....).
2. The Genetic Mutations and possibilities should be random generated and you should get the Posibillitie that you can unlock new Mutation during a active Mutation.
3. After i spread my Virus i felt missplaced, there is nothing to do than to klick Bubbels of DNA or to spend some points into further development of you Virus, this is a little bit boring.
4. I would be cool if you could fight against the Researchers and not automatically loose a Game with one wrong Decision. E.g. the Resarcher could only develop a Cure for one Region or Country, wich only kills your Virus in this Region. It should give you the Chance to replace it and fight against the Researcher.
5. What if i could attack the Reasearchers directly with diffrent Attacks like Hacking or something?
6. A nice Feature could be to see the other side of coin as an Resarcher wich have to fight against a Virus (Analyse, Research, Earn Money - it replace DNA -)

You have further Ideas, post it here!

You recognized my idea!?!?! That makes me feel so much better that some one recognized it!
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