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Did you know? (beginner tips)
14-08-2014, 09:19 AM
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RE: Did you know? (beginner tips)
(12-08-2014 01:58 PM)Lulero Wrote:  I got addicted to kill people. A lot of people. It wasn't easy at first but as I tried and failed I also learnt. There are a few bits in particular, which weren't obvious at first, that really made it easier for me to eradicate mankind over and over again.

Did you know that you can have one tier 1 or one tier 2 symptom unlocked and remain hidden?
Don't forget to devolve "coughing" if you want to keep "sneezing" though!
Doesn't work on mega brutal obviously, damn those random check-up.

Did you know that severity affects the amount of DNA you get by popping bubbles?
That's the key of a successful aggressive strategy.

Did you know that Russia is at the doorstep of Greenland?
The most reliable way to infect the later is to use the former ships.

Did you know that you can infect a island thanks to extreme zoonosis or hematophagy?
It's not reliable though, the corresponding events don't trigger often.

Did you know that people from Canada are rich?
If they give you troubles, try Drugs II. Works like a charm.

Did you try those genes that make the plague easier to cure?
You should, the reward outweight the cost by far if used correctly.
Sympto-stasis + bacteria = mankind won't last much more than 400 days on mega brutal.

Did you know that you can press space to pause the game?
You can still pop bubbles! Feels like cheating.
It also resumes the game if a popup paused it, that's annoying.

EDIT: For an illustration of those tips (most of them at least) to Bio-Weapon on mega brutal, check my answer in this thread (3rd post):

I feel those were the most game changer things I learnt. Thanks to them the only plague I can't win reliably on mega brutal is the necro one, took me a lot of tries. And if I can do it without reading a guide, you can do it too!
I still feel like a beginner and have stuff to learn (scenarios), so please share your tips and enlight me!

Some great tips, thanks for sharing!
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