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Jurassic Plague
29-08-2014, 06:08 PM
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RE: Jurassic Plague
(28-08-2014 08:20 AM)tau1996 Wrote:  
(25-08-2014 10:27 PM)Koba Wrote:  In memory of Richard Attenborough maybe a scenario, at least could be made in his memory. Perhaps call it Jurassic Plague and have the Jurassic Park setting and Patient Zero is infected when bit by a Raptor, Baby Rex, Baby Spino, among other dinosaurs. Also to be able to get acheivements for this one you have three main achievements.

The first one could be for the Raptor called "Clever Girl" when you choose he Raptor infection.

The second one could be for the Rex called "Don't Move a Muscle" when you choose the Rex infection.

And if you choose Brutal/Mega-Brutal you could get the achievement called
"Not on the List" in reference to Billy Brennon's comment about not seeing the Spinosaur on InGen's species list.

Feel Free to add anything you like.

Why is this Richard so special?
I think this Richard is the actor who played john hammond
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