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(31-08-2014 08:41 AM)tau1996 Wrote:  
(31-08-2014 08:03 AM)AnimalMan Wrote:  So because some mum might molly coddle her kid we cant have a plague simulator? How ignorant of them with that level of stubbornness and hypocrisy.

Treading glass mate

As the americans say ''You must be tolarant''...So,you must be tolerant to that mum
P.c. i'm not tolerant.i'm against s-content for religious reasons.

Your against sexual content for religious reasons but okay with the whole concept of killing the world and the suggestion that the bio-weapon was created to kill people? It logically makes sense if your against the sex you should also be against the violence and then Plague Inc. would simply cease to exist. Confused

Also, are you saying that sex in of itself is evil? If so then you and everyone who will ever be born is the product of sinful union. I will assume you are Christian and the Bible never condemns sex inside of marriage.

Finally, them putting them into the game does not mean they support it. Do you like crime shows? If so the makers of the show according to your logic must be supporting murder. Is that true? No! Just because they put it in the show/game doesn't mean that you should do it or they support it.

Although I personally oppose it because of the ratings increase if they could do it somehow without moving the rating up I would be okay if they reference diseases that spread through sexual contact. Just pretending it is suddenly going to go away does not do anything to help and just makes it worse. It would be nice if Plague Inc. could spread some like into something that is considered a taboo in our culture.

Also, I am religious well but I do not see any problem with them adding it in the game if they do so maturely and to spread general awareness. As long as it is presented maturely I see no problem with that.

Even if you are one of my favorite members out in the community I will have to respectfully disagree with you on this one. The main problem is doing it without having an app rating increase. The main reason is because people freak out more about sexual themes then they would horror themes or the like and pretending that diseases do not spread through sexual contact is just going to make the problem worse.

I am currently working for Spicy Gaming. I love to play Plague Inc. and have currently have been playing it for 2-3 years by this point. My dream is to work at Ndemic Creations and be a creative designer and work there! Big Grin
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