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Cure Abilities
27-08-2014, 01:06 PM (This post was last modified: 27-08-2014 02:13 PM by AnimalMan.)
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Cure Abilities
for the cure, my suggestion is to leave the transmission and symptom screens as they are, they will be un-evolvable as well non-devolveable. This is where you will watch the pathogen develop and counteract it with your abilities.

Each country has a cash wad of which slowly depletes as in the form of dna bubbles (or alike) of which you click on to gain income.


Antibiotics 1 - Level 1 Antibiotics (Reduces Transmission)
Antibiotics 2 - Level 2 antibiotics (Reduces Transmission)
Antibiotics 3 - Level 3 antibiotics (Reduces Transmission)

Organ Transplant 1 - Basic Organ Transplant (Reduces death Rate)
Organ Transplant 2 - Advanced Organ Transplant (Reduces death Rate)
Artificial Organs - Super Organ Transplant (Reduces death Rate)

Infusion - Blood of the non-infected is injected into an infectees brain which reduces the effect of mind-altering symptoms like paranoia and insanity. reducing the side effects which slow cure development.

Water Sterilisation Filters - Reduces Boat Transmission
Air Sterilisation Filters - Reduces Air Transmission

Aid Program - Increases DNA output of selected country (depletes its cash faster)

Insect Repellent - Halts Insect Transmission in selected Country, Causes country to generate less DNA
Livestock Legislation - Reduces Livestock Transmission in selected country, Causes country to generate less DNA
Livestock Cull - Halts livestock transmission in selected country, Causes country to generate less DNA
Rat Poison - Reduces Rodent Transmission in selected Country, Causes country to generate less DNA
Bird Cull - Reduces bird transmission in selected country, Causes country to generate less DNA

Border Restriction - Closes land borders of selected country. Causes country to generate less DNA.
Seaport Restriction- Authorises seaport restriction closing ports in selected country
Airport Restriction - Authorises airport restriction closing airports in selected country.

Cure Transfer - Transfer cure efforts from one country to another, increasing dna output of selected country. (may increase infectivity of blood transfer)

Execute Infected - Causes selected country to execute their infected.

Bomb infected City's - Bomb selected countries to reduces kill infected.

the earlier you start cure research the more likly the pathogen evolves anti cure abilities as oppose to infectivity and lethality. Which could mean the difference between winning or loosing.

Pandemic- begins cure research
Advanced Research - increase research speed
Sequence Genome - increase research speed
Manipulate Dna - modifies pathogen traits

I cure Device - greatly increases research speed

Threat level 1- few countries involve themselves in development
Threat level 2 - more countries involve themselves in research
Threat level 3 - all countries will input to cure research

Depending on the pathogen type the method used to solve will vary. For example fighting a parasite will give a delay as to when symptoms and transmissions are displayed. Allowing them to have more of an effect while the player remains blind.
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