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.Rec i.e Demon Rabies
15-09-2014, 10:51 AM (This post was last modified: 15-09-2014 10:54 AM by AnimalMan.)
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.Rec i.e Demon Rabies
.Rec is a spanish horror movie involving a virus (a type of rabies) that is being secretly developed by a religious maniac bio-terroist.

The zombies are not truly zombies. The "zombies" are really persons possessed by demons. The virus in the movie is highly contagious. It is transmitted by blood, saliva, and other bodily fluids. The infected are puppets of the main demon from the little girl named Tristana Medeiros. They are weak towards holy water, crucifix and other religious items. They move very fast. They infect by bites; there are cases of infection from scratches and transmission of body fluids. Humans are not just the ones that can be infected but also animals, too. In the first film, Jennifer's dog said was infected by the same virus and caused havoc in a veterinary clinic, and another case is from the Historias Inéditas, the third comic entitled "Zoombiii¡" where an infected man (theorized as the fireman from the apartment building) made its way to the Zoo of Barcelona where he infected all the animals including the albino gorilla named Snowflake.. Kill the infected by Wounding them very hard, although there are infected that are resistant to lethal attacks.

Distinctive Signs: bleeding, red/white eyes, contorted grimace, protruding jaws, convulsions, excessive force.

If an infected bites someone, the time of the reaction depends on the blood type of the victim (though, not further explained which blood type is the fast or slow one to react), but the victim falls to a coma (for hours), seizures, and excessive salivation or frothy saliva, much like a rabies virus, and the virus also behaves like a flu.

The infected's eyes are usually blood red or blank white. And they move very fast. They can only be killed by shooting or destroying the head where the brain is located. And they can be stopped or freezed by reciting prayers or performing an exorcism.
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