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Necroa Virus and Simian Flu Genes
26-09-2014, 09:24 AM
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RE: Necroa Virus and Simian Flu Genes
(23-09-2014 10:30 PM)AnimalMan Wrote:  How to unlock? i have played through alot of the game and a few on mega brutal mode but after i unlocked all the standard genes i dont seem to unlock anything else. i say this because last night i completed bacteria on megabrutal, which was astoundingly hard, but i didnt unlock anything from it. : ( I do have half the cheats unlocked also but i rarely use them.

Also, did there used to be unique Neurax Worm genes aswell? I could have sworn there was at one point.

Hey there AnimalMan - to unlock the Simian and Necroa genes, you need to beat that disease type to get them (so complete Simian to get a Simian gene) on any difficulty type.

There have never been Neurax Worm genes - it would be a good idea though!
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