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Ceasar... Release the Apes! (Simian Flu Guide)
26-09-2014, 01:26 PM
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Ceasar... Release the Apes! (Simian Flu Guide)
I heard you like apes, so this guide is for you!

Let's release some apes shale we Big Grin

Step 1: Start in any location of the map (The USA is the most recommanded country to start at)

Step 2: WHA- What! Gen-Sys is already here? Of corse silly they made the simian flu Big Grin
try saving up points and don't spend it on anything else except for that one important step!


after getting apes releases and infected with the simian flu, try getting as much from the ape skill tree as possiable! (They should be highlighted in green)

Step 4: After getting almost all the skills for the apes, try getting transmission! Before Gen-Sys finds out you have escaped from their lab!
While your at it, try getting drug resistanced! It should help you out in rich countries!

Step 5: Try getting Centeral After and west Africa! They have a really good amount of apes there! And if there isn any colonies over there create one! This should give you a mass amount of points.
There should also be another place on the right side below India that has a lot of apes in it!

Step 6: Gen-Sys discovered you yet? If not you still have time to get the cross transmission skill (causes humans and apes to spread to each other) it should be in transmission... If you didn't know where it was Tongue

Step 7: They found out? Hurry and get all the apes to the nerest colony before they kill the off! (Gen-Sys will try to find other apes to kill in other countries to cure the flu, so make sure you get the big amount first before going to other ones!)

Step 8: Your wondering... "Can we use symptoms yet?" Well actually my friend, let the symptoms mutate for you! They will try as much as it can to help you kill off the human race, while your helping the apes!

So just relax on this step! Unless your host are dying too quickly then devolve lethal symptoms so more of the healthy people can get infected!
Transmissions (from earlier) should infect more people, even heat and cold resistanced can help you as well!

Step 9: The human race is almost dead? Finish them off with any symptoms that may kill them off.

Step 10: Watch the trailer for "Dawn of the planet of the apes" or get the movie if you want too when it comes out on DVD Big Grin

That's all I got for this guide! I hope this helps you Smile
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