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Scenario help
17-10-2014, 09:54 AM
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RE: Scenario help
(16-10-2014 09:28 PM)spikeman168 Wrote:  Huh How can I add custom plagues to my own custom scenario? I want to have Neurax worm, Virus, and bacteria for 1 scenario. Unfortunately I can't because I don't see a button for it, all I see is a plague creator and no plague creator option. If I activate the creator, my options for the multiple diseases go away. If I deactivate the creator my diseases configuration gets deleted. So what's the problem?

You can do one of the following in the scenario creator:
  • Create a disease - activate the lab editor, and then choose a template. If you are creating a new disease, then people can't play it with other diseases (like smallpox or Frozen Virus in the official scenarios)
  • Create a world and lock disease type - If you don't create a disease, then you can lock the diseases that are available to players in the Scenario Info tab. Here, you can set that players can only play with Bacteria, Virus and Neurax Worm
If you are wanting to customise Bacteria, Virus and the Neurax Worm, then these will be three different scenarios. I recommend completing all your work in other labs, then saving three different versions of the scenario to work on the specific diseases.

Hope that helps/makes sense. Good luck!
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