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Cure Properties
14-01-2015, 04:25 AM (This post was last modified: 14-01-2015 04:32 AM by brothercake.)
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RE: Cure Properties
(15-11-2014 05:41 PM)M_Blox Wrote:  I also think that what the cure does should be allowed to change, like the higher the cure is, the slower the pathogen spreads, until it hits a standstill, and with that mode, if no spreading occurs for a time period specified, then the game is over. Just an idea, nothing really solid, but I wanted to have a little bit of input on the game.

Nice idea :-) And you can already do this with the events lab.

You'd need a bunch of events that monitor the cure progress and link it to infectivity. For example, "if cure complete percentage >= 0.1, then infectivity -= 10", and maybe the next one would be "if cure complete percentage >= 0.2, then infectivity -= 10", and so on, subtracting 10 points of infectivity for each 10% of the cure. Once the cure has reached 100% you'd have lost all infectivity (assuming that all your traits add up to less than 100).

(I've been playing with something similar using genetic drift -- where genetic drift is no longer driven by the level of infection, it's driven by the cure progress, so that traits get more and more expensive as the cure gets higher :-))

Now making it so that you lose after a period of time with zero infectivity ... yeah that's possible too, but it would be a lot more complicated! You'd need a repeating event that counts the number of days since infectivity was zero, resetting the counter if goes above zero in the meantime. But it's probably unnecessary. Simply having that progressive loss of infectivity would be enough that the cure will get to 100% while infection grinds to a halt. So you wouldn't really need a custom lose condition, because the circumstances for it will eventually happen anyway.
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