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Plague inc-100+ million users.
20-11-2014, 03:30 PM (This post was last modified: 20-11-2014 03:34 PM by tau1996.)
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Plague Inc Plague inc-100+ million users.
Plague inc is one of my favourite mobile games,I played over 1000 matches,I invited lots of friends to spread the plague.
30 million people play it.
But the game can become a best-seller,and have a 100+ million auditory.
By improving the game.
I am an administrator in lots of plague-inc related groups.So,I know what are the most popular complaints...

Here is a list of Plague inc cons.
1)Boredom.After playing 50 matches,some players start to complain,that the game is monotonous...After special diseases were added,the level of complaints went down.So,new game mechanics make re-playing the game more interesting.Shy

2)Dead world.The planet on mobile version is static,dead,cold.Adding more details-animated clouds from PC version,relief mountains,day-and-night change,maybe even a 3-d map(like First Strike) would be cool.It will make the game more RAM consuming,but much liver.Angel

3)No upgrades.Players love to loot,upgrade,unlock,level up,equip.But in Plague inc,the only unlockable upgrade stuff are the genes.You should add more upgrades.Smile

4)Battery muncher.The game munches the battery like a monster.You should do something about it.Maybe,some optimisers would do the trick.Sad

5)No story.People love stories.You should add some background stuff,lore,maybe a in-game Encyclopaedia...Lots of forum users(including myself) are ready to write pages for the Encyclopaedia.Sleepy

6)Updates.People become impatient without regular updates.You should update more often.Hiring more programmers/graphic designers is not profitable in the short run,but very profitable in the long run.Undecided

7)Multiplayer.There a lot of people who love to compete.Cool

8)Nubes.There are some nubes,that loose while playing Bacteria on Easy Big Grin .Maybe,an advanced "demo" would help them?

9)Invitations.You should add an invitation system.Example:inviting 10 friends unlocks Neurax,inviting 50-Necroa,inviting 100-unlocks scenarios.Lots of new players,lots of new invitations,even more new players,even more in-game purchases,the game explodes the play marketSmile
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