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New plague idea : The human plague
22-11-2014, 09:08 PM (This post was last modified: 02-12-2014 08:25 PM by Diacelium.)
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Lightbulb New plague idea : The human plague
I have a idea for a very special plague.
Parasites are the humans, and the Hearth is an host. Humans are going to kill their host, but they will infect others hosts.
- Spaceship 1 : Humans can slowly go to other planets. Increase infectivity
- Spaceship 2 : Humans can go faster to other planets. Increase infectivity
- Wormholes : Wormholes are structures of the space-time that can be used to go to very distant places. Humans can now infect other Star cluster
- Air pollution 1 : Air pollution destroys atmosphere, which is necessary to life. Increase severity
- Air pollution 2 : Air pollution become more dangerous. Increase severity and make the disease being lethal.
- Nuclear pollution 1 (required : Air pollution 1) : Nuclear pollution can create cancers, that are very lethal, but can be used by humans to create more ships. Increase infectivity and severity.
- Nuclear pollution 2 : Nuclear pollution begin to destroy DNA. Increase infectivity, severity and lethality.
- Plague pollution : humans create plagues for fun, but they get out the labs and infect the animals and the plants. Increase severity.
- Cold resistance 1 : humans can easier colonize cold planets
- Cold resistance 2 : humans can easily colonize more cold planets
- Warm resistance 1 : humans can easier colonize hot planets
- Warm resistance 2 : humans can easily colonize hot planets
- Viruses resistance : humans now resist to viruses
- Bacteria resistance : humans now resist to bacteria
- Fungus resistance : humans now resist to fungus
- Parasite resistance : humans now resist to parasites
- Prion resistance : humans now resist to prion

The picture of the plague (the equivalent of the Neurax brain picture) would be a planet that is darker when severity is higher.

The infection-picture (the equivalent of the basic one with the countries getting infected) would be a galaxy, with the basics red points and the basics red lines, and purple lines to represent a wormhole travel.

There will sometimes have travel-accidents, that destroys ships or crew, that are due to :
- Meteorites : a deadly collision of a spaceship and a meteorite.
- Radiations : space radiations kill the humans in the ship

There would have socials accidents :
- Civil war : two colonies are in war in a planet. Kill some humans and slow pollution, and spaceship to leave this planet.
- Alien extermination : a war in a planet against aliens that were already here. It slow pollution, but aliens are quickly exterminated.
- Ecologists demonstration : ecologists want to protect planets and stop working. Slow pollution and stop spaceship to leave the concerned planet.

The DNA-set would be replaced by "competences" :
1. Travel competences :
- Astronauts : less accident chances
- Fast : faster ships
- Radiation resistance : less humans die of space-radiations.
2. Planet colonization competences :
- Cold : easier to colonize cold planets
- Hot : easier to colonize hot planets
- High weight : easier to colonize planets with higher gravity
- Relativism : colonizing become faster in high-gravity planets.
3. Pollution competences :
- Plague : plague pollution is more usefull.
- Radioactive : nuclear pollution is more usefull
- Poison air : air-pollution is more usefull
4. Social competences :
- Brothers : less chances of civil war.
- Friends : humans can be friends with aliens. Make colonization easier.
- Anti-ecologism propaganda : limits the chances of civil wars with ecologists.
5 : Relativist competences :
- Easier wormholes : wormholes take less time to be created
- Worms : humans can use naturals wormholes to space-travel
Who will try to cure this plague ?
Sorry for my bad english.
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