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My personal speed run times (hours of toil)
21-06-2015, 07:11 PM (This post was last modified: 21-06-2015 07:13 PM by Scorpion.)
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RE: My personal speed run times (hours of toil)
(28-12-2014 04:30 PM)TAC-66 Wrote:  Hi everyone, new here. Thought I'd join by sharing my speed runs. I'll outline in bold the ones I worked extra hard on and consider respectable.

Bacteria: 268
Virus: 359
Fungus: 363
Parasite: 348
Prion: 375
Nano-Virus: 208
Bio-Weapon: 278
Neurax: 356
Necroa: 323
Simian: 516

I'm happy with those numbers and am curious what you all think of them. Honestly I don't think its possible to get less than that for either Nano or Necroa, which tells you how long I worked them. Let me know!

Your records are not so good as you think. My records are:

Bacteria: 235
Virus: 233
Fungus: 199
Parasite: 259
Prion: 345
Nano-Virus: 195
Bio-Weapon: 199
Neurax: 192
Necroa: 340 (4 bio)
Simian: impossible to get even 1 bio

If there is anyone who has 5 bio on necroa please tell the requirements or days

(31-12-2014 09:25 AM)tau1996 Wrote:  My Necroa is 213,but my Simian is 591.

Did you receive 5 bio??? send me a private message if yes please and also share your strategy
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