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Fundamentally unrealistic mutation mechanics
21-04-2016, 09:07 PM (This post was last modified: 21-04-2016 09:10 PM by Rydygier.)
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RE: Fundamentally unrealistic mutation mechanics
Hi, I'm new in the game and on this forum and came just to suggest exactly same thing, so instead of starting new thread I'll support this one with my opinion.

First, I understood the answers here still, I support the initial idea. What makes me buy this game wasn't actually its gaming aspect, but rather curiosity about its semi-realistic simulation potential. If there is more people like me, perhaps a good idea would be if not to add a separate mode, then maybe even better, to make the game more customizable as for the rules. For example I'm completely not convinced about all this clicking the bubbles mechanics (so "arcadey", I tend to ignore them deliberatelly), instead I would like to have ability to design my patogen at the start, set the simulation rules separately, launch and just watch, what will happen with minimal to none input from my side at this point. In such case adding as one of the customization options more realistic mutation mechanics, just, as proposed here, or similar would be most welcome addition. What I propose is to push this lovely piece of software more toward "pro" as for mechanics realism and complexicity of simulation, above pure entertainment game, to the popular-science/educational level, of course in purely optional manner.
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