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Speed Runs
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RE: Speed Runs
Today I’ve got 5 bio-hazards with Fungus on speed-run. Many are complaining about this disease, but it’s much easier than Prion in my opinion, which I found to be the most difficult. Don’t think I’ve played more than 50 games before getting the 5 bio-hazards. With Prion on the other hand, I’ve played a few hundred games just to find the best approach for this disease. Then the tricky part followed, getting the correct random mutations to evolve, because DNA is very precious in this scenario, especially in speed-run. Since Simian is bugged, only Necroa remaining for now, but hopefully it won’t be much of a challenge. I’ve played only a few games so far and apparently I’ve managed to get a decent score… hope it wasn’t just luck each time Smile

I must admit that playing the Scenarios first (finished all of them with 3 bio-hazards on mega-brutal using almost all plagues… Simian and Necroa still remaining for most scenarios) really helped me understand better how each disease must be approached. The scenarios require a lot of improvisation, but basically, once you find the best approach for a disease, the same set of transmissions/symptoms/abilities is used on each scenario. Depending on the scenario (external factors you have to deal with), the only thing you’ll have to change is the order you evolve them (transmissions/symptoms/abilities), in order to keep spreading fast and still be lethal enough. I do recommend everyone to play the scenarios before attempting to beat the speed-runs, it will make things a lot easier.

The strategy I used to beat Fungus was the following:

Genes (in my opinion, this combination works best for this disease, no matter what type of game you're playing)
ATP Boost - The bonus DNA received at the beginning makes the difference, because you want to finish fast
Darwinist - Increases the chances your plague will mutate and getting a random mutation like Necrosis early would be nice. If Total Organ Failure also mutates, you're incredibly lucky, but not if it's the 1st random mutation... being lethal too early isn't good. Hemorrhagic Shock is also good as the 2nd random mutation (if not the best)
Suppression - The chance to cross a closed land border (but not only closed ones) increases
Extremophile - Gives a minor climate bonus to the plague in all environments
Patho-Stasis - Ability costs don't increase and you’ll use almost everything

Evolve Rash & Sweat then select India as a starting country
Evolve the first batch of 6 Spore Bursts and collect the DNA
Evolve Spore Eruption and collect the DNA
Evolve the second batch of 6 Spore Bursts and collect the DNA
Evolve Skin Lesions followed by Fever (you should have enough DNA for both)
Evolve Spore Eruption & Spore Hardening then collect the DNA
Evolve Fever (if not enough DNA was available before) & Immune Suppression
*Do not evolve Spore Eruption in the same time you evolve a Spore Burst. Almost every time you'll get less DNA than if you evolve them in the order I mentioned. Also, there are high chances you won't infect a country for each Spore Burst you evolved. Most probably this is a bug that was missed by the developer...
*If you didn't infect Greenland, Iceland & Caribbean restart, otherwise you won't be able to finish fast enough to get 3 bio-hazards using my strategy (had these infected when I got 3 bio-hazards & each time I was close enough to finish under 200 days)

Evolve Water 2 (India has a lot of ship traffic and this increases the chances to infect the remaining islands)
Evolve Bird 2
Evolve Drug Resistance 1
Evolve Cold Resistance 2 / Heat Resistance 1
Evolve Rodent 1 / Livestock 1 / Air 1 / Blood 1 / Insect 1
*You should be in the 1st half of the 4th month by now with 2 random mutations evolved (for me Coughing & Sneezing mutated and I was considering restarting the game, but played it 'till the end on fast speed from this point and it was worth it)
Evolve Total Organ Failure / Coma / Necrosis
Evolve Drug Resistance 2 & Environmental Hardening
Evolve Hemorrhagic Shock / Internal Hemorrhaging / Tumors / Systematic Infection / Paralysis / Inflammation

As a note, the countries infected through spore bursts/eruptions at the start of the game & the order other countries will get infected as time passes will also matter. Happened to infect/kill everything in 182 days (if I remember correctly), but Canada remained uninfected, which until that point I wouldn’t have thought to be possible. Hope this guide helps you!

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