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Going to make another Anti-Plague scenario
27-02-2015, 12:53 PM
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RE: Going to make another Anti-Plague scenario
(26-02-2015 04:05 PM)Ghost Diamond Wrote:  Well the hot Anti-Plague scenario is fun, but the plague in it seems to be "stupid", only evolve until mid-game, and it always kill faster than new people are being infected... Also it's very easy to win no matter what difficulty is chosen. (Easy was the hardest one there since the plague is "easy" to spread and cure is harder)
I decides to make another stuff of that type, another scenario which you play humans to fight the plague. In my idea the plague would have events that evolve stuff randomly for the plague, with infectivity lethality and severity increase same as what you would get when you play plague. inc. Also a variable that represents the plague's DNA points. Ways you fight it would probably be the same as you would see in Anti-Plague scenario. However only 1 impossible-to-evolve symptom exist at the beginning, it'd be auto-unlocked when the disease is spotted, unlocking more symptoms allowing you to start fighting the plague.

Difficulty Changes:
Plague Evolution: Plague will have 20% more DNA points in Normal, 40% more in Brutal and 50% more in Mega-Brutal.
Fighting Plague: In easy difficulty the disease would be spotted at the beginning(20 infected), in normal the disease would be easier to become spotted(1% any country population infected), allowing for earlier actions
Starting Country: In easy you get to choose the starting country, in any other difficulty no matter where you choose its infected number would reset to 0 and the plague would infect another country. In Brutal or Mega-Brutal the plague would have a tendency to choose a country that don't have bad climate and have both an airport and a seaport, although it's still random.
Trait Selection: In easy the plague evolve traits completely random, in normal the plague would try to avoid highly lethal traits until 50% of the world is infected, in brutal and mega brutal the plague would make smart decisions, evolving infectivity increasing symptoms at first and lethal symptoms when it infects much of the world. Also in normal or above plague tries to get cold, hot and drug resistance depending on its starting country, more likely to evolve water 1 or air 1 if the starting country has seaport or airport, attempts to get necrosis if it has a high lethality, and tries to evolve coma, paralysis and genetic reshuffle when the cure gets high.
Cure: In greater difficulties the plague would get a better result if it evolves genetic reshuffles, and making the cure requirement same for every difficulty(the plague is as hard to cure in any difficulty, but by plague inc. default it's harder to cure in easier difficulties)
Genetic Shift: In easy or normal the plague is harder to evolve things if it has already infected much, brutal and MB plagues are unaffected
Actions Against: Infectivity decrease is the same for every difficulty however the plague would develop infectivity faster if you're playing on a higher difficulty... You know what will happen.

Plague will also naturally infect islands in Mega-Brutal(similar to the last-country infection you experience if you're playing on Easy Tongue) if 90% of the world die you lose, so making the plague stuck on island won't work

Sounds exciting, let us know when it's done.
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