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Catastrophic Weather DLC
08-06-2015, 11:39 AM
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RE: Catastrophic Weather DLC
(03-06-2015 03:00 AM)Quickidea123 Wrote:  Ok so I would love if Ndemic creations made Catastrophic Weather DLC or a new game entirely. Imagine your overlooking the east coast..and boom! A hurricane system has started and it's become a category 1. Now the goal to this scenario is to make the hurricane as strong as possible to destroy and kill as many people as you can. Imagine all of this in a Plague Inc. style setting. There would be news broadcasts like in the original game. There would be little videos that could Pop up showing you the storm and devastation, I think this would have to be an important part of it because people would like to see what kind of damage their doing.

There would be multiple options of storms you could use. Hurricanes, cyclones, tornados, thunderstorms, blizzards, tropical storms, etc. I think it would be awesome and seeing as how there are like NO storm strategy games out there for iOS it would be a great idea to make one or even just DLC for this one. You could make a LOT of money Ndemic creations. I personally would buy it soon as I saw it.

Does anyone agree?

That's a really cool idea! We've had a few people mention they'd like to see more prominence given to the weather disaster events in the game. Maybe you should see what you can make in Scenario Creator Wink.
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