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Impossible speed runs
03-06-2015, 11:58 AM
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Impossible speed runs
Hello, I will like to tell about speed run requirements. Smile

I want to complete the game on 100% but I found that its simply impossible.
I have completed main game on 100%, achievements on 100%, scenarios on 100% even on 3 mega-brutal biohazards Cool but I struggle on speed runs.
I have beaten Bacteria, Virus, Parasite, Nano-virus and Neurax-worm speed runs on 5 biohazards. Other plague types have impossible requirements to earn 5 biohazards. Please balance the requirements for 5 biohazards for specific plague types.

1. Bacteria: super easy to earn 5 biohazards (got it without effort)
2. Virus: easy
3. Fungus: Impossible, on 250 days I got 3 biohazards Huh
4. Parasite: super easy (same as bacteria)
5. Prion: Impossible or extremely hard, I tried my best but the kills are too slow even on maximum lethality it takes months to wipe-out humans. I got 4 biohazards max on 359 days.
6. Nano-virus: fairly-hard, I got 5 biohazards on 224 days
7. Bio-weapon: Impossible or extremely hard, won in 216 days and only 4 bio Huh
8. Neurax Worm: very hard, I got 5 bio on 192 days (thanks to luck Big Grin)
9. Necroa Virus: Impossible or extremely hard, I tried my fastest strategy and finished in 397 days with 3 bio
10. Simian flu: Totally impossible Dodgy , I finished in 496 days and not even 1 bio. I was searching for some guides on the internet too but noone is able to obtain at least 1 biohazard.

Please, do something with that requirements. Thank you.

Btw can you give us exact requirements for 5 biohazards on speed runs? Angel
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