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'Info panel' diseases and plagues
06-09-2015, 02:55 PM (This post was last modified: 12-09-2015 12:23 PM by Galaxy_T.)
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Lightbulb 'Info panel' diseases and plagues
Hi everyone!
Before I explain my idea, I would like to say that I really love Plague Inc.!!

So, what's my idea?
It seems really cool and interesting to me if there would be some kind of info panel or wiki in the game that tells you something about the different diseases and plagues present in the game.
It would tell you something about the (fictional) history of the plague with maybe some fancy pictures.
Like, tell that the neurax worm came out of the jungle or desert and was discovered by the Egyptians, or show the a bacteria and its internal components or tell that the Necroa virus 'used to be' a myth of voodoo...
I thought it would also be cool to put in the special symptoms of the special plagues and maybe too of the normal ones (bacteria, virus etc.) and put the actual numbers of infection, severity and lethargy in it.

I searched the forum for similar ideas and found nearly nothing, apart from
Xflue's post, which you can find here:
(Sorry for the grammar mistakes, English is not my first language :-) )
Curious about your ideas!
(Btw, I really like tau1996's special plagues and hope Ndemic puts at least one into the game! )

EDIT (12-9-15)
There is a little problem I thought of while fantasizing about some history material, which is that coming up with a truly synchronized history for the Necroa virus is hard due to the possible timelines and the achievements connected to those timelines.
(little spoiler alert) for example: the organisations PfiGlax and Darkwater, and the hidden stories of the mysterious bite marks of Egyptian mummies and the Chernobyl origin story.
For the Neurax worm however, it remains much more easy to come up with a story due to the absence of hidden origin stories.
If you have any ideas for more comprehensive origin stories for the neurax worm or even other pathogens, reply pls!!!

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