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'Info panel' diseases and plagues
27-09-2015, 09:34 AM
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RE: 'Info panel' diseases and plagues
(27-09-2015 12:47 AM)AnimalMan Wrote:  Very good idea. As for normal diseases they could explain about the life cycle, severe epidemics and genetic diversity of the Pathogen, there is alot to write about bacterial drug resistance. Prion - Mad Cow disease/Cosmic origin theory. Virus - Common cold. Fungus like athletes foot. So when that message comes up saying "what would happen in real life" you have something in game to read up about.

Well, it's part of the idea to 'educate' the players of the history of the pathogen, may it be realistic with the bacteria, fungus, virus etc., may it be fictional with the neurax worm, necroa and simian flu.
It would be cool to show the players a pathogen is more than the picture they selected when choosing a disease at the beginning of a game!
And indeed the realistic 'versions' of a pathogen are a really cool feature to that, which lets the players dive into the history of the pathogen!

(I sense maybe a more built in functionality with Wikipedia??)

There's also the option to add some symptom/transmission/ability trees after you have 'discovered' all the symptom in such a tree, which adds some more adventure to the game and some more strategic planning after you have the whole tree unlocked.

hope that the devs are going to do something with it though......

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