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Explanation of Simian Flu Plz
18-11-2015, 08:21 PM
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RE: Explanation of Simian Flu Plz
(18-11-2015 11:38 AM)NdemicTom Wrote:  
(17-11-2015 08:53 PM)Its_Jahmezz Wrote:  Hello Fellow Infectors of the World!

I’m hoping someone can help me out regarding the Simian Flu. Either with a brief explanation or a link that gives an explanation.

I’m trying to “understand” how to win. To Clarify, I KNOW how to win, I’ve beaten the Simian Flu on everything except Mega Brutal, but what I don’t understand is what I’m doing. So I'm not looking for a Walk-through, but something to help me understand what I'm doing.

With most of the plagues the goal is to infect the entire world and kill them off (A few exceptions). However, I know that this is not the case with the Simian Flu.
I’ve beaten this scenario with uninfected humans.

What determines a Victory? Does every Ape have to be intelligent? Is there a way to determine how much smarter the apes are than the humans? I totally get what to do to win, but I don’t understand is why to do it. Knowing this will help me beat Mega Brutal. Like am I to focus on getting every ape Smart or if every ape isn't smart, then should I only allow the smart ones to be really smart and make sure that everything that slows the speed of the cure is on, "making humans" dumb.

Any info would be great!

There are two win conditions for Simian Flu. The first is the standard one - kill everyone in the world. The second one is an "Ape Dominance" win, which is basically where you have more intelligent apes in the world than humans. There are some other factors to the second one which I can't go into, but that is basically the premise of it.

Hope that helps!

Thanks NdemicTom!

So what I am understanding is that you have to kill off enough of the human population to have less than that of the "smart apes" population? That sort of makes sense.
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