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What Does Ndemic Think Of Bio Inc.?
23-01-2017, 05:05 AM
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Plague Inc RE: What Does Ndemic Think Of Bio Inc.?
(17-11-2016 04:29 AM)Zstephable Wrote:  I've played Plague quite extensively and recently downloaded Bio Inc.. You see, Bio is a game about not infecting an entire world rather infecting a simgle person. It was clearly based off Plague but is not some blatant rip off. Having unique and really fun features you could think it to be made by Ndemic. DryGin did a good job making the game by being similar to Plague but being it's own thing. What does Ndemic think about this game? And the community?

They'll probably think it is cool, just like they did with Pandemic 1 and 2. evidentially as they based Plague Inc. off those games. The Pandemic games were flash games that came before Plague Inc. (by like 6 years,) Ndemic just refined the gameplay aspect, by adding more mutations and in game events which could aid infection vastly. Pandemic 3 was a tablet only game iirc which was curing the plague which was interesting, and I'd like to see Ndemic tackle this gameplay aspect.

I like both Pandemic 2 and Plague Inc. I hope the next game adds all the countries world-wide (including Taiwan, N-Korea, etc) while providing more graphical effects for specific events, nukes etc.
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