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What's wrong with my strategy?
30-07-2017, 08:31 PM
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What's wrong with my strategy?
Actualy playing bacteria, easy or even casual mode, still losing. Playing on PC version
I previously played on Mobile and this strategy worked perfectly even in hard mode, even with virus

I usualy start with india or china because they are poor countries with many people on it
I devolve every symptom I get until I have every single person in the world infected
I usualy take about 5-7 minutes to get here
At this point I have 100-120 DNA to use and I evolve Every single symptom in the insomnia branch so research slows down, I also get anaemia, to slow research too
In mobile version this ALWAYS works
I played three PC version games with bacteria casual mode, just in case, no genes, no thing. I infect every person and evolve all those symptoms, for some reason I only get like 10-20 percent of lethality and research only takes like 2-3 minutes to erradicate me
I don't understand how can I lose on such a low difficulty doing this every single time, also at end game I have all genetic hardening and so so that's not the problem, I even get a genetic rearrangement or whatever it is called and anyway I get EXTERMINATED
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