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bacteria mega brutal - spotted with no symptoms evolved
29-04-2018, 09:11 PM
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RE: bacteria mega brutal - spotted with no symptoms evolved
(16-02-2018 07:25 AM)GHR1227 Wrote:  Playing bacteria mega brutal.

I started in China, Russia or Saudi Arabia. Even tried UK.

I evolve water I & II, air I & II, cold I and then it begins spreading like wildfire and promptly gets spotted. I evolve drug resistance and heat but it cost too much.
No symptoms evolved and no mutations only the above. Cure begins and goes from 59 yrs to nothing in record time. I evolve the hypersensitivity and the drug resistance II and genetic shuffle, but the latter two take off a grand total of 10% by the time I evolve them the cure is at 50%. And then it all falls apart. I get to 4B infected by evolving what I can by this point and get into the kill symptoms, but it cascades too fast and cure = 100% before I get to 2B dead.

What do I do to stop this initial spotting?! It all stems from that.
I did the normal and brutal with three gold marks, but MB is being a *itch! Angry

Since it's not visible symptoms what the heck is getting it spotted too soon? Confused

In mega-brutal mode description stands "Random medical check-ups", that means they will find your plague even without anything evolved.
Trying to spread unnoticed is a very bad strategy anyway, because you have no severity and therefore you get very low DNA points. You should be evolving symptoms that boost your infectivity as early as possible + more severity gives you more DNA.
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