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Send us your city images! UPDATE: COMPLETE!
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RE: Do you have a city cam image that we can use in the game?
Hi all. An update as to what we still need at this stage - and thanks to all for the images so far - we are still looking for:
  • Madagascar (There is no Commons-usable freedom of panorama in Madagascar, so need landscape image)
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Peru
  • Philippines (Same as Madagascar, see here)
  • Saudi Arabia (also no freedom of panorama)
  • South Africa (again, no freedom of panorama, see here)

Info on getting us the images - we're using them as a bottom-left images you see in the game when viewing a country. They tell the story of the progress of the disease (e.g. here to here):
  • Photos need to be fairly standardised in terms of framing, content, perspective etc. e.g. this to this
  • The horizon needs to be mid-frame so there is space above and below it for us to add things to the game. Photos need to be a street-level side-on view of a cityscape with some sky showing in the top and a clear skyline de-marking the city from the backdrop.
  • Photos need to be taken during the day in good light.
  • We need to images to be confirmed that they are taken by you and you're giving us permission to use them. The licence we've been using until now has been Creative Commons allowed for modification and commercial use - - they must be your image. Please don't search for images you like and send them to us as we can't use most images.
  • We need them to have the space in so that we can add the stages of destruction; so if there are too many people or vehicles in, then removing them leaves too many holes in the image.
  • Ideally they are images of iconic places in that location. So that players get a feel for the place and that as a city. However in the country taken, we need to have the 'freedom of panorama' to use the image.
  • To be shot at a level angle looking forwards, so not looking down or up onto the location.

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